WWE SummerSlam 2010 PPV Review

– Dolph Ziggler © vs. Kofi Kingston (No Contest/Intercontinental Championship) ** ¼

– Melina def. Alicia Fox © (Divas Championship) * ½

– Big Show def. Straight Edge Society (Handicap Match) **

– Sheamus © def. Randy Orton (WWE Championship) *** ¼

– Kane © def. Rey Mysterio (World Heavyweight Championship) ***

– Team Cena def. Team Nexus ****

Overall: 6.5

Thoughts – I thought this was a decent SummerSlam at best. The under card was extremely weak but the Main Events helped out a lot. Going into this show I wasn’t expecting anything good but 7v7 was really awesome. I dont think majority were expecting Daniel Bryan because of his already booked indy dates, but the final member of Team WWE turned out to be him. Daniel Bryan returning makes SummerSlam a memorable PPV in my opinion. Also Undertaker’s return was not as strong but it made Kane officially heel which is good. Taker didn’t seem to be in the best of shape but we have yet to see him in a match yet. Overall SummerSlam wasn’t the best but not the worse.


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