Smackdown World Tour – 8/28/2010 Review

Smackdown! World Tour – 8/28/10

I Got to the Arena around 5:30 and stood where the Superstars park to go into the show. We saw names like Khali, Alberto Del Rio, Santino, Kozlov, Kelly Kelly, MVP, Jamie Keys & Dean Malenko. None of them came over to sign for us though.

We got into the arena and in our seats by 7:00 and the show started with Tony Chimel introducing us and the Star Spangle Banner. The Opener was Santino & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins. There were 3 Shows this day so Smackdown lacked some midcarders so this show used some RAW talent. Anyways, Santino made it a pretty funny match. It went on for a good 10-15 mins. Archer & Hawkins controlled the match until Santino got the hot tag to Vladimir. Vladimir cleaned house and then tagged in Santino to hit the Cobra on Hawkin’s for the win. Santino was massively over with the crowd. After the match Alberto Del Rio hit the ring and cleaned house. He then got on the mic and said how he took out Rey Mysterio, and hes going to do the same to that immigrant Chavo later tonight.

The next match was Tyler Rekks vs. Christian. Christian was also massively over with the crowd. I haven’t seen Tyler Rekks since ECW, but he worked a decent match with Christian. Chrisitan won the match with the Killswitch. The match went on for a good 10 mins.

The next match was Layla vs. Kelly Kelly for the Women’s Title. Before the match Jamie Keys came out for a trivia question for someone to sit Ringside and ring the bell. The question was what PPV is on September 19th. Sadly, 2 people got this question wrong… The crowd was pretty silent for this match, and was your typical Divas match. Kelly did a botched back spring arm drag off the rope and almost broke her neck.  Layla went over when Kelly went for a sunset flip but was countered for the win.

The next match was a 2 on 1 Handicap match, Dudebusters vs. Great Khali. Pretty fun match thanks to the Dudebusters, but it wasn’t a complete squash. Obviously Khali went over when he hit Croft in the head with a Punjabi Chop from a Springboard, and hit Baretta with a Choke Press Slam.

We went to a brief intermission where I went to get the CM Punk Salvation Shirt =)

Back from intermission, CM Punk vs. MVP. Punk cut a Sick promo before the match saying how 2 Years ago he was chanted in this very same arena, and nothing has changed in him. He is still Drug, Alcohol, and Pill free. He said that the crowd is the ones that changed and not for the better. MVP came out and said Punk stole his catch phrase that he was saying in 2007 on how he was better than everyone. CM Punk took a good 5 minutes to get into the ring. When the match finally started, it turned out to be a really good match. I can see these turning into a feud and these two can definitely work a good match. Punk went over when he hit the GTS.

The next match was Alberto Del Rio vs. Chavo Guerrero. I’m guessing this will happen soon on Smackdown, and now apparently Chavo is a face. Anyways pretty good match here, Del Rio worked on Chavo’s arm quite a bit. Chavo finally hit the 3 Amigos and followed it up with a Frog Splash. Everyone thought it was over but Del Rio grabbed the bottom rope. He then threw Chavo into the Ring post and hit the Spinning Arm Bar to pick up the win.

The Main Event was Big Show vs. Kane in a Steel Cage for the World Heavyweight Title. Big Show probably got the biggest pop of the night. This was a pretty good match for these two. It went on a good 15 mins but the cage wasn’t really used. The finish came when CM Punk came out and threw a chair in to Kane. Kane hit Big Show with it and hit a DDT on the chair to retain the belt. After the match Punk went in the ring and got KO Punched by Big Show to send Majority of the crowd home happy. Punk sold this and was laid out in the middle of the ring for at least 10 mins no joke. After most of the crowd left, Punk got helped to the back. Now my seats were right above the entrance, and when CM Punk past me I yelled “Hey Punk what happened to Serena”. He said “She got fired, idiot”. OMG I was marking out and thought the night wouldn’t get better.

After the show I returned to the Parking lot were all the Superstars left. I saw Kane, Big Show, MVP, Kelly, Punk, & Chavo. Surprisingly Chavo & MVP signed autos. I got to meet Chavo and got a Auto in my Program. I was so close to MVP but security told him that was enough. But still I think meeting Chavo was pretty cool. Overall I had a lot of fun at the show, and hope to go to it again in September.


2 responses to “Smackdown World Tour – 8/28/2010 Review

  1. Sounds like you had fun, Lolz I can see that Tyler Rex works house shows, thank god he’s not on TV Lolz, As for Chavo being face, yeah he was getting a huge pop on Superstars a couple of ppl ago

    Kane & Big Show Steel Cage match, those seem like they could be fun. Nice Pics Is that Khali by the Car?

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