WWE John Cena: Word Life DVD Review

Documentary – The Documentary was a kayfabe Doc to get Cena over. It focused mostly on his 2003 heel run with loads of Raps but had some other stuff with his friends in there too. It also highlighted his feuds with Lesnar, Undertaker, and Angle. He showed where he recorded his Theme Song “Word Life”. It had Rap battles with Rikishi, Angle, and Kendrick on there also. It showed his rap in Iraq for Tribute to the Troops. Overall if you’re looking to learn more about Cena, this isn’t the right dvd for it, but it was still really enjoyable. It’s only about an hour long. I ordered this on PPV in 2004 when I was a huge mark for Cena but looking back it could have been much better.

Overall Documentary – Good for what it was


– John Cena vs. Chris Benoit (Smackdown 4/17/03) *** ¾

– John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar (Backlash 2003) ***

– John Cena vs. Undertaker (Smackdown 8/7/03) ****

– John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero (Smackdown 8/28/03) *** ¾

– John Cena vs. Kurt Angle (No Mercy 2003) **** ¼

– Before They Were Superstars

– Outside the Ropes (WWE Confidential 5/10/03)

– Behind the Scenes: YJ Stinger ad (WWE Confidential 11/22/03)

– Smackdown Magazine Cover Shoot (WWE Confidential 11/22/03)

– John Cena & Eddie Guerrero in Singapore (WWE Confidential 12/13/03)

– Battle Rap in Baghdad

Overall Extras – Great match selection, WWE did a great job picking Cena’s best matches in 2003 nothing under 3 Stars in my opinion. The match of the Dvd is Cena/Angle no doubt but Cena/Taker was not far behind. The Before they were Superstars segment talked about when Cena was younger with all of his family involved, and then goes onto his bodybuilding and how he got into wrestling. Good 15 minutes but most of the stuff was seen on My Life. The Confidential clips were really cool focusing on Cena; that show really needs to make a return. Battle Rap in Baghdad was Cena vs. A Soldier which was cool stuff.

Overall Summary – The Dvd is basically to get Cena over being it was released shortly after he turned face. Keep in mind this was release before Cena had even one his first title in the WWE and it still turned out to be a good Dvd. The Extras were stacked with great matches and clips and showed how John Cena was on his game in 2003. I think it could have been better on the Documentary but there was a 2nd Cena Dvd released to focus on a real Doc. There is a 3rd Cena Dvd entitled “The John Cena Experience” coming out in November which is supposed to feature another Documentary so stay on the lookout. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see Cena’s heel work or if you want to see some good matches. I picked it up at Wal-Mart for $10 (Guess it’s promoting his Legendary) which wasn’t a bad price.

Overall Score – 7.0


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