PWG: Seven Review

– Brandon Gatson, Johnny Goodtime, & Candice LeRae vs. Peter Avalon, Malachi Jackson & Ryan Taylor ** ½

– Brandon Bonham vs. Brian Cage ***

– Chris Sabin vs. Akira Tozawa *** ½

– Scott Lost vs. Scorpio Sky (Scott Lost Retirement Match) ****

– Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong *** ¾

– Davey Richards © vs. Chris Hero (PWG World Championship) **** ½

– Peligro Abejas © vs. Cutler Bros. vs. Young Bucks (PWG Tag Team Championship/Guerrilla Warfare) **** ¼

Overall: 9.0

Overall Thoughts – This was a great show from beginning to end, just fun to watch. No matches had a boring moment to me the whole card is stacked. I would say this is the best PWG show of the year, but can’t since I have not seen them all, but from reviews this is probably the best so far. Just a great way to have an anniversary show with a Retirement match, and both PWG titles on the line, Plus in a Guerrilla Warfare. Match of the night was Davey/Hero, these two have such great chemistry together, the match was is a Match of the Year Candidate in my opinion. Disappointment of the night would have to go to Danielson/Strong, but the match was still borderline great, it’s just I was expecting more from it. The Motor-City Machine Guns were scheduled to have a match for the PWG Tag Titles but Shelley was injured so we got Sabin/Tozawa which was not bad at all. The Lost/Sky match was amazing, honestly I wasn’t expecting anything great but wow these two impressed me, and the storytelling was phenomenal. After the match Lost cut an awesome promo with some of the PWG locker room in the ring. The Main Event was the right way to close the show, the spots were unbelievable and was the runner up for Match of the Night. The PWG crowd was great and hot throughout the night which was really cool to see. I definitely recommend picking this up if you want to check out a great show from this year. Honestly it would be in my Top 5 shows of the year.


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