ROH HDNet Tapings 10/1/10 Live Review

So I got that just in time, and the show started around 10 minutes after I arrived. Right away I went to the epic merch stand and got a Davey Richards shirt! It was a triple tapings, and it was one of the best experiences at a wrestling show live. So I’m gonna run down what was on the card and give my thoughts on each of the matches. (I think these tapings airs on HDNet in November through December.)

The first match that opened the show was Austin Aries & Rhett Titus vs. The Briscoes. I actually caught one of the Briscoe’s bandanas; I wasn’t paying attention to which one through it. The match was really good and fun, it had a great amount of time and they worked so well together. I think it was suppose to originally suppose to be All Night Express but Kenny King wasn’t there. Briscoes picked up the win with the Doomsday Device in an awesome opener. I don’t like to use star ratings for live shows but it was a really good opener.

Kyle Durden came out to get an interview with Christopher Daniels. I’m assuming this episode will air in November, because Daniels said he gets his title shot at Roderick Strong this Saturday in Toronto. Homicide interrupted the promo, saying he doesn’t have a title shot because of Jim Cornette, so I guess they will continue their feud from when Homicide left ROH.

The next match was Eddie Edwards vs. Necro Butcher for the TV Title. Honest to god this was one of Necro Butchers better matches in recent months. The Embassy was involved but Necro had a good amount of wrestling. Eddie obviously carried this to a good match, and Necro proved to me that he can go even if it’s not a hardcore match. Eddie retained the belt, to continue his awesome reign as champion.

The Main Event of the first taped episode was Davey Richards vs. Shawn Daivari. Davey got the loudest pop of the night probably. This was a good match I was really into the whole time. Davey picked up the win with the Cloverleaf. They both had a good amount of offense in the match. I actually got really close to Davey he looks right at me which was awesome.

Jim Cornette came out to do a promo with Roderick Strong to open up the second episode of the show. Roderick accompanied by Truth Martini cut a good promo on Davey Richards and his match at final battle. I loved when he said “For 7 years listening to my friends, workers, etc. I got nowhere, but with the House of Truth I am World Champion in less than 6 Months.” Really good stuff from him and got him a lot of heat from the crowd.

First match of the Second taping was Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Ray. Pretty good Women’s match, Daizee Haze looks pretty ugly in person. It went to a 10 minute time limit draw, and I think they were trying to get the crowd to chant “5 More Minutes” but nobody chanted it, lol.

The Main Event for the second taping was Kings of Wrestling vs. The Dark City Fight Club. I never knew DCFC was so over; I was the only one booing in my section lol. KOW got a lot of heat, but I was still cheering them! Anyways the match was pretty good, and had some cool spots. I loved when Claudio did the springboard European Uppercut. Kings picked up a clean victory with the European Uppercut/Death Blow combination on John Davis.

I think this was the intermission dark match, Bobby Dempsey, Mike Sydal, and Andy Ridge vs. Colby Godwin, Bobby Shields, and Slyk Wagner Brown. Not that good of a match, but Bobby Dempsey is so over for some reason. Dempsey’s team picked up the win with a Fallaway Slam with a bridge.

Then a guy came out with a girl, and they through shirts to the crowd, I didn’t catch anything but I heard its old merch anyways.

The final taping opened up with the #1 Contender TV Title Match, Colt Cabana vs. Eric Stevens. Actually a good match here, Colt was hilarious. Colt picked up the win with Billy Goat’s Curse after the Embassy tried to interfere. So Colt Cabana now has a title match with Eddie Edwards. From what I heard their first match was pretty good so I wonder if Colt will pick up the title here.

Next match was Grizzly Redwood vs. Kevin Steen with Steve Corino. Okay match here, Steen is great. He got a ton of heat, and the crowd was chanting “OLE!” through the match, which fired Steen up more. He picked up the win when he put El Generico’s mask on Redwood and hit the Package Piledriver on him. After the match he got on the mic and challenged El Generico to a match at Final Battle, Mask vs. Career. It was a great promo, and El Generico came out with a towel over his head. He pulled it off revealing a black mask and shook his head yes, awesome segment.

Next match was Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole vs. The Bravado Brother. I was really impressed with Kyle being he is Davey Richards’s student. The match was pretty good, Kyle picked up the win with a sick choke forcing one of the Bravado’s to tap out. After the match they shook hands.

Next match was Homicide’s first match back in ROH vs. Tony Kozina. Decent match, I have never seen Kozina but he did alright. Homicide is a beast in the ring and was over like crazy. He picked up the win the cop killa.

The Main Event of the Final Taping was the $10,000 Holiday Gauntlet. This was by far match of the night. It started off with Jay Briscoe and Steve Corino. Corino got a lot of heat from this lady who caught Jay’s bandana and Corino called her fat like 3 times, it was hilarious. Jay picked up the win with a rollup and was pretty good. Out next was Daniels, they shook hands before the match started. Pretty good match Jay was selling his last match. Daniels hit the Angels wings to advance. Out next was Rhett Titus, they worked an okay match. Pretty long but Daniels picked up the win with the BME. Out next was… Davey Richards! I marked out hard being able to see Davey/Daniels. Amazing stuff here, back and forth action throughout. Davey picked up the win with a kick to the head. Out next was Claudio, with Sara Del Ray and Shane Hagidorn. Another awesome match, and had a great amount of time. Davey picked up the win when he reversed the Riccola Bomb into a sunset flip. No time wasting, Chris Hero was out next. Davey was really tired but still fought another awesome match. Out of nowhere Davey won with a small package. After Hero put the golden elbow pad and smacked Davey in the head with it. Roderick Strong was the final entrant and tried to pin Davey but he kicked out. After all Davey has been through, he still fought another match. Good back and forth action, I can tell this match is going to be amazing at Final Battle. Roderick tried to win with the Sick Kick but Davey kicked out. After a second one Roderick picked up the win. I got to see 4 awesome matches in one gauntlet which was really cool. Cary Silkon came out and signed the check and gave it to Roderick Strong. Truth Martini took it out of his hand and jumped up and down with it. It was a really fun night and I hope to come back again. After the show I met Necro Butcher but didn’t get anything signed by him. I chatted with him for a few he was a really cool guy and nothing like he is on screen. I wanted to wait around to try to meet some more people but had to go.


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