TNA: Bound For Glory 2010 PPV Review

– Motor-City Machine Guns def. Generation Me (TNA Tag Team Championship) *** ½

– Tara def. Angela Love ©, Velvet Sky, & Madison Rayne (TNA Knockouts Championship) * ¾

– Ink Inc. def. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young * ½

– Jay Lethal © def. Douglas Williams (TNA X-Division Championship) *** ¼

– Rob Van Dam def. Abyss (Monster’s Ball) ***

– Sting, Kevin Nash, & Pope def. Samoa Joe, & Jeff Jarrett **

– EV 2.0 def. Fortune (Lethal Lockdown) ***

– Jeff Hardy def. Kurt Angle & Mr. Anderson (TNA World Heavyweight Championship) ****

Overall: 7.25

Overall Thoughts: I ordered this PPV live and was really looking forward it but it did disappoint a bit being it was TNA’s biggest PPV of the year. I still don’t regret ordering it because I actually got it for free being there was language issues in the first match (Thanks DirecTV!) Down to the actual show we kicked off with a fantastic opener but I wouldn’t say it was the MCMG/YB’s best match together. Besides the Knockouts match, the weakest match of the night turned out to be pretty funny. The X-Division title match should have been Red/Lethal but wasn’t but it turned out to be a good match. I really enjoyed the Monster’s Ball match but started to question myself when “They” didn’t come out yet. I did read a Spoiler saying who it really was but I was trying not to believe it at all costs. Moving On, the handicap match automatically told me that the dirt sheets were right but the match itself wasn’t that good. I really hope it was Sting and Nash’s last matches in TNA. The Lethal Lockdown was enjoyable to me but doesn’t compare to any other. The EV 2 stable just needs to go and hopefully it’s real soon. The Main Event of the night was truly phenomenal intill…. “They” arrived. The match was going so well and great but was ruined by Hogan and Bischoff. TNA recreating history isn’t what most of us fans are looking for but it is what it is. Jeff Hardy was crowned new TNA Champion to end the night. Overall I did enjoy the show but was not BFG Quality.


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