WWE: Survivor Series 2010 PPV Review

– Daniel Bryan © def. Ted DiBiase (US Championship) *** ½

– John Morrison def. Sheamus ***

– Dolph Ziggler © def. Kaval (Intercontinental Championship) *** ½

– Team Mysterio def. Team Del Rio (Traditional Survivor Series Match) ***

– Natalya def. Laycool © (Diva’s Championship) * ¼

– Kane © vs. Edge (Draw/World Heavyweight Championship) ** ½

– Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater © def. Santino & Vladimir Kozlov (WWE Tag Team Championship) * ½

– Wade Barrett def. Randy Orton © (WWE Championship/Special Referee, John Cena) ** ¾

Overall: 7.25

Overall Thoughts – Pretty good Survivor Series, definitely more than I was expecting. Again the “Daniel Bryan Opener” was Match of the Night. But Kaval/Ziggler wasn’t far behind at all. DiBiase/Bryan was fantasic, it might have been DiBiase’s best singles match of the year. Bryan continues to impress me in the WWE with these awesome matches. Morrison/Sheamus was pretty good, the build up delivered. Kaval/Ziggler was just awesome. Kaval just proved he can really put on an awesome match when given the opportunity. Ziggler also did really well as he’s been doing since his Title Reign. The Survivor Series Traditional Match was really fun and a great way to get the mid-carders on the card. Laycool/Natalya was your typical Diva’s match, but great to see Natalya finally win the title. Also Beth Phenoix’s return was good. Kane/Edge was pretty slow but not bad. They did what they needed to for the feud to obviously continue onto TLC. Nexus/Sanito & Kozlov was mediocre but was pretty funny. And the most anticipated match of the night, Orton/Barrett with Cena as the Ref. Pretty good match and great way to see what happens next in the storyline.


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