ROH: Tag Wars 2010 Review

– El Generico vs. Erick Stevens ***

– Steve Corino vs. Bobby Dempsey **

– Grizzly Redwood vs. Necro Butcher (Grudge Match) ** ¼

– Eddie Edwards vs. Colt Cabana *** ¼

– The Bravado Brothers & Cedric Alexander vs. Marker Dillinger, Caleb Konley, & Jake Manning ** ½

-Kevin Steen vs. Roderick Strong (Special Challenge Match) *** ¾

– The Kings of Wrestling © vs. The Briscoe Brothers vs. The All Night Express vs. The Dark City Fight Club (ROH Tag Team Championship/Ultimate Endurance Match) ****

– Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards (Rematch of the Year) **** ¾

Overall: 8.5

Overall Thoughts – Just an awesome show, one of ROH’s best this year. The opener was a very good way to kick off the night, and get the crowd going. The next two matches were pretty lackluster, but weren’t horrible. Then we moved on to an awesome match between Eddie Edwards and Colt Cabana. Really fun match and these two have good chemistry. Next was an okay 6 Man Tag, nothing special. From here the night became awesome. Steen/Strong was borderline great and they really worked a good match. Next was the 2010 Tag Wars Finals, which I like the concept very much. Pretty long match, which was good being there was 4 Teams and they didn’t rush it. Each team got a good amount of involvement which I liked. But the match of the night without a doubt was the “Rematch of the Year” Richards/Black. Just phenomenal work between these two and they just put on outstanding matches. This did live up to the hype, and I mainly bought this show for this match. But overall it is an awesome show, easy to sit through, and worth the money.


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