WWF: Backlash 2002 Review

– Billy Kidman © vs. Tajiri (WWF Cruiserweight Championship) *** ¼

– Scott Hall vs. Bradshaw **

– Jazz © vs. Trish Stratus (WWF Women’s Championship) ** ½

– Brock Lesnar vs. Jeff Hardy N/A (Squash)

– Kurt Angle vs. Edge **** ¼

– Rob Van Dam © vs. Eddie Guerrero (WWF Intercontinental Championship) *** ½

– The Undertaker vs. Stone Cold (Special Guest Referee – Ric Flair) *** ½

– Billy & Chuck © vs. Maven & Al Snow (WWF Tag Team Championship) **

– Triple H © vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan (WWF Undisputed Championship) ***

Overall: 7.75

Overall Thoughts – This was actually a good 2002 show and easy to watch. This was known to be the last “WWF” PPV. The show kicked off with Cruiserweight action Kidman/Tajiri. The match was very good; these guys are two of the best Cruiserweights of all time, and a good way to start off the show. Next was Hall/Bradshaw, noting great here. Next was when the Women’s division was at its best with Trish/Jazz. They worked a pretty good match, just an awesome time in wrestling for the Women’s division. Next was Lesnar/Hardy, this was when Lesnar was first brought in and was starting to get him over. So he basically squashed Jeff Hardy in this match. After this was a really good Chris Jericho promo on why he wasn’t on the card. Next was Match of the Night, Angle/Edge. This feud was really good, both putting on excellent match. These two have really good chemistry and work well with each other. Next was another good feud, RVD/Guerrero. Good Match, this is when Eddie Guerrero returned back to the WWF but beside the point, good match. Undertaker/Austin was next, and it was pretty good match. This would be Austin’s last PPV until he returned in 2003. Next was the weakest match of the night Billy/Chuck vs. Maven/Al Snow. This was actually a perfect way to calm the crowd down for the main event, so I didn’t expect much. I thought the main event was better than people say it is. Solid match and actually a dream match. But overall I did enjoy the show and recommend watching it.


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