WWE: TLC 2010 PPV Review

– Dolph Ziggler © def. Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger (IC Championship/Ladder Match) ***

– Natalya & Beth Phoenix def. Laycool (Tables Match) ** ¾

– Santino & Vladimir Kozlov © def. Nexus (WWE Tag Team Championship) *

– John Morrison def. Sheamus (Ladder Match) ****

– The Miz © def. Randy Orton (WWE Championship/Tables Match) ***

– Edge def. Kane © Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio (World Championship/TLC Match) **** ¼

– John Cena def. Wade Barrett (Chairs Match) *** ¼

Overall: 7.75

Overall Thoughts – This was a pretty good show to close out the year. The night kicked off with the Triple Threat Ladder match with I thought was good but needed more time. The Diva’s Table match was way better than I expected. Koztino/Nexus was horrible but it was just a filler. Morrison/Sheamus was Great, they really worked well together when a Ladder is involved and was the best match of their feud. The WWE Championship match was good and made Miaz look like a great champion. The TLC was the match of the night, definitely had some sick spots it. This should of closed the show but the Chairs match was still pretty good.


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