WWE: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan DVD Review

Disc One,

Documentary – The Documentary was about 50 minutes long but got the job done. When I first heard about this dvd I wasn’t expecting much but after watching this it I think it makes the Top 10 of the year. WWE really did a great job on this one, with interviews from many different legends, Bobby’s Wife, and daughter. It started out with how he grew up and got into the business. I really like some of the stories told in between there and how he made it dropping out of school. Then it talks about him joining the AWA where he was shot at 5 times which I never knew about and the Weasel suit which was pretty funny. The documentary picked up when he joined the WWF and managed great names into joining the color commentary team with Gorilla Monsoon. They really made a great team and made boring matches interesting which they admit in it. Then they talk about him leaving to go into pursuing an acting career but ended up joining WCW. His wife and daughter actually say he hated working for them. He was diagnosed with throat cancer after his WCW which started his health problems but overcame it and was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004. This Documentary is truly awesome and I tried to say as much as I can without spoiling too much. I know some people don’t want to spend the money on it but it really is worth it.

Extras – The Extras were well done with Classic Heenan moments and some with Gorilla Monsoon which were always great. The Weasel suit is also in there which is pretty funny. My favorite extra though is the full 30 minutes of Heenan’s Hall of Fame induction. You could really tell the cancer affected him in the speech but he still pulled it off. WWE has been adding on great Extras on their dvds lately and this one is proof.

Overall Disc One Score: 8.5

Disc Two,

– Bobby Heenan vs. Lord Alfred Hayes (AWA 1/13/80) * ½

– Bobby Heenan vs. Greg Gagne (AWA 8/17/80) * ¾

– Bobby Heenan & Nick Bockwinkel vs. Hulk Hogan (AWA 5/2/81) ** ¼

– Bobby Heenan vs. Salvatore Bellomo (WWF 9/26/84) **

– Bobby Heenan vs. Ultimate Warrior (WWF WrestleFest 88) N/A

– Royal Rumble Match (Heenan Commentary) (WWF Royal Rumble 1992) **** ½

– Gimmick Battle Royal (Heenan Commentary) (WWF WrestleMania X7) N/A

Overall Two Score: 6.0

Overall Thoughts – As you can see Heenan didn’t have the greatest matches hence him being the greatest manager and one of the best color commentators of all time. I gave Disc Two I higher score then it looks to be because of the Classic Moments it had and it did include one of the greatest Rumbles ever. The match quality itself wasn’t the greatest but some of the stuff was really entertaining and it was really easy to sit through. But buy this Dvd for the first disc mainly because the story will guarantee teach you something about Heenan. The Dvd is probably going to go in my Top 10 Dvds of 2010 as I said earlier so definitely check this out.

Overall Score: 7.75


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