DGUSA: Freedom Fight 2010 Review

– Jimmy Jacobs def. Arik Cannon (Special Challenge) *** ¼

– BxB Hulk & Homicide def. Jon Moxley & Akira Tozawa ***

– CIMA def. Shingo *** ¾

– Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, & Rich Swann def. Austin Aries, Genki Horiguchi & Ricochet ****

– Yamato def. Masato Yoshino ****

Overall: 8.25

Overall Thoughts – The PPV was really well done and a good way to start 2011 for Dragon Gate USA. The PPV kicked off with Jacobs/Cannon which was really fun. This was taped the night before the iPPV Bushido: Code of the Warrior, so the previous night Jimmy Jacobs had a blood bath with Jon Moxley and still pulled off this match. Arik Cannon, a big guy moved like a cruiserweight which I really liked, but overall good match. Next was the weakest match of the show, but not bad at all, Homicide/Hulk vs. Moxley/Tozawa. The match was pretty slow for the first half, I still think Homicide has that “Mainstream Rust”. When Hulk and Tozawa got in the ring it was awesome, I really think these guys should have a one on one match in the future. After the Match Moxley called out Homicide which lead to a ten minute brawl around the arena. Next was CIMA/Shingo which was borderline great. They really worked well together, Shingo works well with anyone IMO but it was a really good match. Next was Match of the Night Ronin/Warriors. Just great action from all 6 men they really put on a fun match. Ricochet was spotty and not botchy which I liked and Rich Swann was really charismatic. Awesome Match. The Main Event was Yamato/Yoshino which was really good and a shoe in for Match of the Night. Yamato plays an awesome heel and is an outstanding wrestler as well as Yoshino. This match had really good wrestling in it and the crowd was really into it. Overall this was a great show and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t. I’m really looking forward to DGUSA in 2011.


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