TNA: Genesis 2011 PPV Review

– Kaz def. Jay Lethal © (TNA X-Division Championship) *** ¼

– Madison Rayne © def. Mickie James (TNA Knockouts Championship) *

– Beer Money def. Motor-City Machine Guns © (TNA Tag Team Championship) ****

– Bully Ray def. Brother Devon * ¾

– Abyss def. Douglas Williams © (TNA Television Championship) ** ¼

– Matt Hardy def. Rob Van Dam ** ½

– Kurt Angle def. Jeff Jarrett (MMA Exhibition Match) N/A

– Mr. Anderson def. Matt Morgan (#1 Contenders Match) ** ¼

– Mr. Anderson def. Jeff Hardy © (TNA World Heavyweight Championship) **

Overall: 6.0

Overall Thoughts – I thought the PPV was really disappointing and a horrible way to kick off the year for TNA. TNA arguably has the best roster in the world and just uses it completely wrong. They put all the titles on Immortal, which has been done before and proves nothing because the group is just bad. The night kicked off with Kaz/Lethal which was a good opener. They have always worked well together including here and I’m looking forward to future matches. Next Mickie/Madison which was a complete snooze fest. It dragged on way to long and the finish sucked. Next was Match of the Night, as expected MCMG/Beer Money which was awesome. Every time these two teams are in the ring it’s just amazing. I don’t agree with the outcome of the match because of the great reign MCMG were already on but regardless the match was great. Next was probably the worst feud in TNA going on right now, Ray/Devon. I don’t know why TNA thinks this feud is good at all. This match was bad and the feud needs to end. Next was Williams/Abyss which was very disappointing because AJ Styles is injured. I really thought AJ/Williams would of stole the show but instead we got this but beside the point it was decent. Next was RVD vs. Immortal’s Mystery Opponent which turned out to be Matt Hardy that turned out to be a laughing stock. There were a few good spots in it but nothing amazing. Next was the MMA Challenge with Jarrett/Angle and I actually liked it. It will probably end now that Angle returned but I didn’t mind it. Next which was suppose to be the Main Event was Anderson/Morgan which was not Main Event quality at all. I really dislike Matt Morgan now after the past 3 PPV performances he has put on. Anderson tried to carry him and it turned out okay. Eric Bischoff then came out and said Anderson gets his title shot right now and Jeff Hardy comes out, in regular clothes, smoking a cigarette (Great way to show Jeff Hardy is really a drug addict)… At least it wasn’t a one finisher match like most of these are so I give credit for that. This is obviously because of Jeff Hardy’s legal issues but at least they have a good champion now. Overall the PPV is a huge disappointment but check it out for the Tag Match and Anderson winning the title.


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