DGUSA United: Philly iPPV Review

– YAMATO def. Brodie Lee (Special Challenge Match) ** ½

– Rich Swann def. Jimmy Jacobs *** ¼

– Sami Callihan def. Frightmare, Jigsaw, Scott Reed, Tommaso Ciampa, & Rexx Reed ***

– Akira Tozawa def. Austin Aries (Special Attraction Match) ****

– BxB Hulk def. Jon Moxley (No Disqualification Match) ***

– The Ronin def. CIMA & Dragon Kid (Open the United Gate Title Tournament Match) ****

– PAC & Masato Yoshino def. Naruki Doi & Ricochet (Open the United Gate Title Tournament Match) **** ½

Overall: 8.5

Overall Thoughts – This was a phenomenal iPPV and the best one DGUSA has done yet. The crowd was better than last night’s NYC crowd but it didn’t feel like a Philly crowd. The show kicked off with YAMATO/Lee which was a decent opener. I’m really not impressed with Brodie Lee what so ever but YAMATO carried the match. Next was Swann/Jacobs which was good both men had chemistry and worked well. The 6 Way was fast and furious and very fun. I am still not a fan of Sami Callihan but want to see more matches from him. Next was Tozawa/Aries which was nothing but great. I really liked this and want to see these guys have another match. Tozawa is extremely underrated and always seems to deliver from what I’ve seen of him. After intermission, Hulk/Moxley was up. This was originally suppose to be for the Title but Hulk dropped it the night before so it just ended up being No Disqualification. The match under delivered and was pretty short. I think they can work well but I just wasn’t into the match. Next was Ronin/Blood Warriors which was fantastic. I’m becoming more of a fan of Ronin but CIMA & Kid are amazing. This match really delivered and was one of the best in the show. The main event was World 1/Blood Warriors which left me speechless. The spots in this match were just unheard of. Ricochet and PAC are the 2 best highflyers in the business today and when they got in the ring together my jaw just dropped. I really want to see a singles match between these two and hopefully DGUSA will schedule one in the future. Yoshino & Doi also worked well in this match when they were involved. This is a definite MOTY Candidate and so for the best show of the weekend. I highly recommend checking out this show because it’s not disappointing what so ever.


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