ROH: Final Battle 2009 Review

– Claudio Castagnoli vs. Colt Cabana vs. Kenny Omega vs. Rhett Titus ***

– Delirious & Bobby Dempsey vs. Bison Smith & Erick Stevens **

– Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston (Fight Without Honor) *** ¾

– The Young Bucks vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico ****

– Roderick Strong vs. Kenny King ** ¾

– Rocky Romero vs. Alex Koslov ***

– American Wolves © vs. The Briscoes (ROH  Tag Team Championship) *** ¾

– Jack Evans vs. Teddy Hart N/A

– Austin Aries © vs. Tyler Black (ROH World Championship) *** ½

Overall: 7.5

Overall Thoughts – I was pretty disappointed with show on how the card looked on paper and what it turned out to be. The night kicked off with a Four Corner Survival which was really fun and got the crowd going. Next was Delirious/Dempsey vs. Smith/Stevens which was probably the worst match of the night. I wasn’t really impressed with Bison Smith and I am not a fan of Bobby Dempsey. Next was the Fight Without Honor match was very good. They really used the stipulation to the meaning and turned out to be a real good brawl. I’m not that big on Eddie Kingston but he did well in the match. Next was MOTN Bucks/Steenerico, which of course had a ton of sick spots.  Of course this is infamous for Steen turning heel at the end of the match and the rest is history. Next was Strong/King which was really disappointing. I really think these guys could’ve put on a better match. Next was Romero/Koslov which was the Sleeper of the night. I was really into this match and both men worked well. Next was Wolves/Briscoes which was borderline great. Anytime you put these two teams in a match it’s bound to be good. After the match the KOW reunited and took out the Briscoes which was awesome. Next was Hart/Evans who showed up late just having a quick spot fest. The Main Event was a huge disappointment and should have never gone to a time limit draw. The first 30 minutes were really good but the second half had to many rest spots and barley and wrestling. Aries would just keep leaving the ring and it really pissed the NYC crowd off. I would recommend this show if you want to get the entire Steen/Generico feud on DVD but otherwise this isn’t really worth the money.


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