WWF: Royal Rumble 2000 Review

– Kurt Angle vs. Tazz **

– Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz (Tables Match) *** ¼

– Chris Jericho vs. Chyna vs. Hardcore Holly (IC Championship) ** ¾

– New Age Outlaws © vs. Acolytes (Tag Team Championship) * ½

– Triple H © vs. Cactus Jack (WWF Championship/Street Fight) **** ¼

– The Royal Rumble Match *** ½

Overall: 7.0

Overall Thoughts – This was one of the more memorable Rumbles cards in recent years. The MSG crowd was hot throughout the night. The show kicked off with Kurt Angle taking on the newly debuting Tazz. The crowd knew who it was Tazz and were chanting before he came out. The match turned out being decent because most of the offense was from Tazz but it really got him over and was a good debut. Next was Dudley’s/Hardy’s which was a real good table’s match. They really used the gimmick of the match and had multiple spots. Next was Jericho/Chyna/Holly for the Undisputed IC Title. I thought it was pretty disappointing but still okay. Next was Outlaws/Acolytes for the Tag Team Titles. It was a real short match and the worst on the card. Next was HHH/Jack in one of the best Street Fight’s I have ever seen. They really worked hard in this match and made it as brutal as possible. I think this was the match that established Triple H as a top guy. The Royal Rumble Match was good but not the best. A lot of the guys in the match had no chance of winning but managed to put on a good match. I do recommend this to any fan since it is a real fun event and very easy to sit through.


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