TNA: Against All Odds 2011 PPV Review

– Kaz © def. Robbie E (TNA X-Division Championship) ***

– Beer Money & Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry, Gunner & Murphy ** ½

– Samoa Joe def. The Pope ** ¼

– Rob Van Dam def. Matt Hardy ***

– Mickie James def. Madison Rayne © (TNA Knockouts Championship/Last Women Standing) *

– Bully Ray def. Brother D-Von (Street Fight) * ¼

– Jeff Jarrett def. Kurt Angle *** ¼

– Mr. Anderson © def. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Heavyweight Championship/Ladder Match) *** ½

Overall: 6.75

Overall Thoughts – The show was a big improvement from the past few PPV’s but was still only an okay show. The crowd was one of the best the iMPACT! Zone has ever had for a show. The night kicked off Kaz/Robbie for the X-Division Title since Generation Me couldn’t make it. The match was very fun and a great way to kick off the show. It really delivered for the time it got and really looking forward to a rematch. The 6 Man Tag was actually impressive and way better than I thought it would be. Joe/Pope was a huge disappointment and they really didn’t have any chemistry. RVD/Hardy was actually way better than their Genesis match and turned out to be good. James/Rayne for the Knockouts Title wasn’t good at all; Mickie should have won the belt here. Ray/D-Von as a match wasn’t very good but the storyline progression was very good. I am very surprised that Bully Ray actually powerbombed one of D-Von’s kids through a Table. Jarrett/Angle was pretty good but there was a lot of false finishes. The wrestling in it was really good though. Anderson/Hardy was MOTN and was very fun. I really enjoyed it even though it was slow paced. I don’t understand why they put the Title back on Hardy making Anderson’s title reign look like a paper champion. The show was okay but I would only recommend watching the Ladder Match.


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