WWE: Elimination Chamber 2011 PPV Review

– Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston ***

– Edge wins SmackDown Elimination Chamber (WWE WHC) **** ½

– The Corre def. Koztino © (WWE Tag Team Championship) ** ¼

– The Miz © def. Jerry Lawler (WWE Championship) *** ¼

– John Cena wins RAW Elimination Chamber (#1 Contenders Match) ****

Overall: 8.5

Overall Thoughts – This was one of the Best PPVs WWE has put on probably since Money in the Bank; I loved every second of it. The crowd was hot throughout the show which made it awesome as well. The night kicked off with ADR/Kofi which was a real good opener and more than I expected it to be. This was better than any of the matches on SmackDown they have had. Next was the SmackDown Elimination Chamber which was amazing. I would put this in my Top 3 Chambers of all time I really enjoyed it. I was mad that Christian wasn’t the mystery guy but at least he came back at the end of it. Koztino/Corre was very mediocre but probably the best PPV match these guys have had. Miz/Lawler was very fun and really cool to see Lawler hang in there with Miz at his age. This was also better than most of Miz’s title defenses in the past. The Main Event was great but not better than the SD Chamber. Morrison really helped this match out with the innovating spots he did. Cena won which means the possibility of Rock/Cena happening at Mania is very slim. Very Good show and I recommend it to anybody.


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