ROH: 9th Anniversary Show iPPV Review

– Davey Richards def. Colt Cabana *** ½

– Mike Bennett def. Grizzly Redwood, Kyle O’Reilly & Steve Corino ** ½

– El Generico def. Michael Elgin ***

– Roderick Strong © def. Homicide (ROH World Championship) *** ¼

– Sara Del Ray def. MsChif * ½

– Kings of Wrestling © def. All Night Express (ROH Tag Team Championship) ****

– Christopher Daniels © vs. Eddie Edwards (ROH TV Championship) **** ¼

– Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team def. The Briscoes ****

Overall: 8.25

Overall Thoughts – The Show was very good and really well done. This was probably one of ROH’s weaker iPPVs but still good. The Chicago crowd was really hot and they really deserve some more iPPVs down the line. The night kicked off with Cabana/Richards which was very good. I was expecting less being that Colt Cabana isn’t that great but he definitely held his own in this match. The Four Corner Survival was pretty fun but wasn’t nothing special. Generico/Elgin was pretty good, and Michael Elgin was pretty good in the ring. Strong/Homicide which surprising went on here was pretty disappointing and definitely not ROH World Championship Quality. They did use the Street Fight gimmick which really helped but had some interference which hurt the match. SDR/MsChif was very short and basically a squash. KOW/ANX was great, ANX really proved that they can really put on a great match if given the opportunity. Daniels/Edwards was MOTN and really good. It ended in a Time Limit draw which didn’t hurt the match at all. This is probably the best match these guys have had as well. The main event was great but ended out of nowhere. Both teams worked really well with each other and now WGTT will be taking on KOW for the Tag Titles in Atlanta which should be amazing. I definitely recommend this show to any ROH fan.


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