WWE: The Big Show – A Giants World DVD Review

Disc One,

Documentary/Extras – The Documentary was only an hour long but was very good for what it was. It really teaches you about him and his personal life. I really liked how he went in depth about when he got diagnosed with Gigantism. He talks very briefly about WCW which should have had at least 2 more chapters on the disc. It really gets good when he joined WWE and talks about some of the stuff they did with him like his Bossman feud. They go into how everything turned around on him when he had to go back into developmental and when he returned. From there they go into his recent run and talk about his Title run in 02, the ECW Title, and his match with Floyd Mayweather. He also mentions he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. They end off the Documentary with Knucklehead stuff which wasn’t really interesting but understandable why it’s on there. The extras were actually really cool angles and stories. The best one had to be when Triple H tells all these funny stories of Big Show and how he embarrasses himself. Definitely well selected moments.

Overall Disc One – 8.0

Disc Two,

– The Giant vs. Hulk Hogan (Halloween Havoc 95) N/A

– The Giant vs. Hulk Hogan (Halloween Havoc 95) ** ½

– The Giant vs. Ric Flair (Nitro 4/29/96) **

– The Giant vs. Sting (Slamboree 96) ***

– The Giant vs. Lex Luger (Great American Back 96) ** ¼

– Big Show vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Raw 4/22/99) ***

– Big Show vs. Undertaker (RAW 6/7/99) ** ¼

– Big Show vs. Triple H vs. The Rock (Survivor Series 99) *** ¼

– Big Show vs. Kurt Angle (Backlash 00) ¾ *

– Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar (Survivor Series 02) * ½

– Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio (Backlash 03) **

– Big Show vs. Eddie Guerrero (No Mercy 03) ** ¼

– Big Show vs. Kurt Angle (No Mercy 04) ** ¾

Overall Disc Two – 5.75

Disc Three,

– Big Show & Kane vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (Taboo Tuesday 05) **

– Big Show vs. Triple H (New Year’s Revolution 06) *** ¼

– Big Show vs. RVD (ECW 7/4/06) ***

– Big Show vs. Sabu (SummerSlam 06) ** ½

– Big Show vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather (WrestleMania XXIV) ***

– Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston (SmackDown 4/10/09) * ½

– Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio (RAW 4/20/09) *

– Jeri-Show vs. Rey Mysterio & Batista (Hell in a Cell 09) *** ¼

– Show-Miz vs. DX vs. The Straight Edge Society (RAW 2/8/10) ** ½

– Big Show vs. The Straight Edge Society (SummerSlam 10) **

Overall Disc Three – 6.5

Overall Thoughts – Obviously Big Show doesn’t have the best matches in the world but they did a good job picking his better matches. The main reason to buy this DVD is for the documentary, so many of the matches can be found on other DVD. Disc 2 was a huge disappointment but the footage on it was worth it. Most of the WCW stuff and WWF stuff isn’t really on other DVDs. I am very satisfied they put the Triple Threat on here when Show won the WWF Championship. The best singles match of Show’s career (In my opinion) is also on here which is Show/HHH from NYR 06. Big Show really did deserve a DVD for his career even though he isn’t the greatest superstar. I honestly wouldn’t want to see a second DVD released for him because this pretty much covered everything. Despite what he said on the Documentary, I really don’t see him being around for more than 2 more years. I would recommend picking this up for the first disc but that can actually be found on Netflix, so it definitely is a DVD that could be skipped.

Recommended? – No

Overall Score – 7.0

*New Feature Matches in Bold are Match of the Disc.*


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