PWG: Kurt RussellReunion II Review

– Cedric Alexander, Brandon Gatson, Candice LeRae, & Willie Mack vs. Peter Avalon, Caleb Konley, Jake Manning, & ODB ** ¾

– Mr. Guila vs. Rey Bucanero ***

– Joey Ryan vs. Shane Helms ** ½

– Low Ki vs. Davey Richards **** ½

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Sinn Bodhi N/A

– Legends Wrestle Royal ** ½

– Chris Hero vs. Kevin Steen **** ¼

– The Cutler Brothers vs. Fightin’ Taylor Boys vs. RockNES Monsters vs. The Young Bucks ****

– Claudio Castagnoli © vs. El Generico (PWG World Championship) ****

Overall: 8.75

Overall Thoughts – This was an awesome show and very easy to sit through. It was a slight improvement from last year’s show, but some of the legends stuff on here wasn’t great. The crowd was hot throughout the night. The night kicked off with an 8 Person Tag which was a lot of fun, just like most PWG openers. The Guila/Bucanero match was very fun and fit right in with the PWG style. Ryan/Helms was very boring and Helms didn’t really have a great showing, but the crowd really made this match. Ki/Davey was fantastic and MOTN, Low-Ki coming out of WWE and putting on an amazing match is very impressive. If this would have got a bit more time it could have been a classic. Roberts/Bodhi was probably the weakest match of the night for obvious reasons. The Battle Royal was cool but I really didn’t like how when a wrestler would come out they would mute everything and play the PWG Intro Music. It was good to see Funk and Piper mix it up for the first time ever though. Hero/Steen was great; I loved every second of this match and was hooked the whole time. The 4 Way Tag was really fun just like your usual PWG Tag Team Match. All the teams worked great with each other and the spots were amazing. The Main Event for the PWG Title was awesome, Generico and Claudio both had great chemistry and put on a great performance. This DVD is definitely worth a buy and should be the best show of WrestleReunion weekend yet again.


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