Who should get traded in the WWE 2011 Draft and why…

From RAW to SmackDown (Live Draft) –

Randy Orton – There isn’t really much Orton has left to do on RAW now that he has feuded with all the main guys on the roster. Even though he still has the CM Punk feud going, I don’t see them doing much with it anymore. After Extreme Rules he would start feuding with Del Rio and Edge for the World Title. Even though this is unlikely Orton should have a run on SmackDown and win the World Title by SummerSlam.

R-Truth – Since moving to RAW last year he hasn’t really accomplished anything except a short run with the United States Championship and his first WrestleMania match. I can see them turning him heel and feuding with Kofi Kingston to get him momentum and possibly feuding for the IC Title in the summer.

Daniel Bryan – I definitely think this would be the best move to do with Sin Cara coming in and over shadowing him and basically killing his feud with Sheamus. He could feud with Wade Barrett and The Corre for the IC Championship and bring up the Nexus stuff in the past. Eventually around Over The Limit/Capitol Punishment he would win the Title and drop it around October and hopefully move up in the ranks.

Evan Bourne – I could really see him going to SmackDown for a fresh start and possibly align with Daniel Bryan to take on The Corre for a start. Even though they could keep him on RAW to feud with Punk for taking him out, they haven’t used him right at all since returning to RAW so I’m hoping he could regain some Momentum going to SmackDown.

Eve – Laycool needs a fresh feud now that Snooki is gone and Trish probably won’t be around. Even though the Diva’s Title can be defended on both brands, Eve would have a better fit on SmackDown.

From SmackDown to RAW (Live Draft) –

Rey Mysterio – RAW is really lacking a fresh Main Event face and now that Morrison supposedly has backstage heat. After The Miz’s feud with Cena ends, a feud with Rey Mysterio would really deliver and be something new. Mysterio doesn’t really have anything else to do on SmackDown but ending his feud with Cody Rhodes which should be ended at Extreme Rules.

Jack Swagger – When Swagger moved to SmackDown last year because of winning the World Title it was a great move, but since he lost it he’s gone way downhill on SmackDown. I think moving him to RAW would be a great move since Michael Cole is there. I could see his first feud being with John Morrison and hopefully move back up the ranks. A Face turn would also work for Swagger but not until early summer.

Drew McIntyre – This guy has nothing for him going on with him on SmackDown and desperately needs to be moved to RAW. The only reason I would leave him on SmackDown would be for Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne coming over and him possibly working with one of the two. But I think RAW would be the best choice. I can see him turning into a pretty boy face but I think the best option would be to Team him with Sheamus and have them win the Tag Titles after Sheamus drops the US Title.

Kelly Kelly – There was really no point of moving her to SmackDown last year, so since she is the Diva of the company she needs to be on the flagship show. I don’t know if they will ever give her a run with the Diva’s Title though.

*Keep in mind SmackDown really got screwed in the 2010 Draft so I think this would be fair.*

From RAW to SmackDown (Supplemental) –

Ted DiBiase – He really is getting held back on RAW and really has nothing going on. I could see him turning face and possibly feuding with Rhodes if WWE is willing to push him.

Zack Ryder – This guy is extremely underrated and I think SmackDown would be the best place for him to go. He could build his way up by beating jobbers and hopefully get the push and get an IC Title shot against Daniel Bryan if Wade Barrett drops it to him. I could also see them reforming Hawkins and Ryder for the Tag Division.

David Otunga – Putting him in The Corre would be smart since the Nexus is pretty much done and I really can’t see him being alone just yet.

From SmackDown to RAW (Supplemental) –

Ezekiel Jackson – He really isn’t doing much with The Corre and I can definitely see him being a monster mid card heel on RAW.

Chavo Guerrero – Move him so he could be together with Vickie Guerrero again but I’m not expecting nothing major here.

Beth Phoenix – Moving her to RAW and turning her heel again to feud with Kelly Kelly would be smart but I think she needs to be back on RAW.

Chris Masters – I think Masters could do more stuff on RAW but nothing major.


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