TNA: Lockdown 2011 PPV Review

– Max Buck wins Xscape Match ** ½

– Ink Inc. def. Young & Jordan, Steiner & Crimson, British Invasion * ¾

– Mickie James def. Madison Rayne © (TNA Knockouts Championship) N/A

– Samoa Joe def. The Pope ***

– Matt Morgan def. Hernandez * ½

– Jeff Jarrett def. Kurt Angle (Ultra Male Rules) *** ½

– Sting © def. RVD, Mr. Anderson (TNA World Heavyweight Championship) ** ¾

– Fortune def. Immortal (Lethal Lockdown) *** ¼

Overall: 6.0

Overall Thoughts – Going into this PPV my expectations were lower than they ever have been and I actually left satisfied even though it wasn’t that good of a show at all. It’s gotten to the point that if TNA puts on an okay show I would accept it. The opener was pretty fun but way to many guys in there and different rules than usual which was odd. I don’t agree with TNA breaking up Generation Me for good but at least Max now gets a shot at Kaz which should be good. The Fatal 4 Way tag was very sloppy as expected. The Knockouts Match made no sense to me what so ever. They have an injured Mickie James beat Madison Rayne in less than 30 seconds but a healthy Mickie James couldn’t beat her in 5 months? The build was actually good for this match but it was a huge letdown similar to James/McCool at Royal Rumble 2010. Joe/Pope was actually good, I was expecting it to be like their previous matches but they did impress me with this one and kept me into it. Morgan/Hernandez was the worst match on the card but no surprise; these guys have never put on great matches but the finish was cool. Jarrett/Angle was Match of the Night but was over booked and Angle should have definitely gone over. I didn’t like the finish either but they did have a good match. The Triple Threat match was short but fun for the time it got. I really think the title should have changed here and went on last being it was a World Title match. The Lethal Lockdown was way better than expected but there definitely have been better ones. Daniels did an awesome crossbody from the top of the cage and I’m glad Fortune went over. Again, decent show but nothing special especially for one of their “Big PPVs”.


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