WWE: Judgment Day 2006 Review

– MNM © vs. Londrick (WWE Tag Team Championship) *** ½

– Chris Benoit vs. Finlay ****

– Melina vs. Jillian Hall *

– Gregory Helms © vs. Super Crazy (WWE Cruiserweight Championship) ***

– Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry ** ½

– Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley (2006 King of the Ring Finals) ** ¼

– The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali ½ *

– Rey Mysterio © vs. JBL (World Heavyweight Championship) ***

Overall: 7.5

Overall Thoughts – This was a really enjoyable show and definitely a forgotten one. Of course this is when WWE was doing the split branded PPV’s. SmackDown got this one and I felt they did really well since usually the RAW PPV’s were better. The night kicked off with a bang with a Tag Team Championship match. Londrick and MNM had amazing chemistry and some of the spots in this match were unreal. Melina did great valet work and both sides had you thinking they would win. After the match MNM broke up which was the end of a fantastic tag team. Benoit/Finlay was the MOTN and really opened my eyes about Finlay. They worked great together and put on one hell of a technical match. Melina/Jillian was actually decent for a Women’s match. The Cruiserweight Championship match was very fun, Mixing Helm’s and Crazy’s styles together worked and it ended up being a good match. Angle/Henry wasn’t fantastic but it was decent, better than their Royal Rumble match from earlier that year. The countout finish ruined it for me but the post match stuff was great. Lashley/Booker was okay, they really didn’t work well together but the right man went over. Khali/Taker was total trash, you could tell Undertaker was trying to carry him but Khali was way too inexperienced and sloppy, definitely the worst match of the night. The Main Event felt really weak to me but told somewhat of a good story. Mysterio did lead it to being good but JBL felt really off in 2006. Overall a really good show and is worth checking out.


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