WWE Unforgiven 2002 Review

– Kane, Goldust, Booker T & Bubba Ray vs. The Un-Americans ***

– Chris Jericho © vs. Ric Flair (WWE Intercontinental Championship) ** ½

– Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge *** ¾

– 3 Minute Warning vs. Billy & Chuck ** ¼

– Triple H © vs. RVD (World Heavyweight Championship) *** ½

– Molly Holly © vs. Trish Stratus (Women’s Championship) * ¾

– Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle **** ½

– Brock Lesnar © vs. The Undertaker (WWE Championship) *** ¼

Overall: 8.0

Overall Thoughts – This was a great PPV and very easy to sit through, definitely one of the better PPVs in 2002. The Opener was an 8 Man Tag which was very fun, surprisingly it wasn’t a cluster and all men worked well; great way to open the show and get the crowd going. Jericho/Flair was good for the time it got, and the finish was brilliant showing how Flair isn’t the only dirty player in the game. A cool thing I noticed was Jericho’s had a WWF version of the IC belt even though the name change happened 5 months prior. Edge/Eddie was borderline great; these two have unbelievable chemistry together. The finish was insane especially with WWE billing Edge had a concussion. 3MW/B&C was okay nothing special but I loved the storyline to it which was if Billy & Chuck lost, Stephanie McMahon would have to perform Hot Lesbian Action later that night. HHH/RVD was awesome; these two worked phenomenal together, the Flair heel turn kind of ruined it but didn’t bury RVD at all. Holly/Stratus was an above average women’s match, good filler. Benoit/Angle was amazing; every time these two were in the ring they would just wrestle their hearts out and steal the show. I wouldn’t say this would top their Rumble 03 match but very close. Definitely MOTN, nothing else came close. Lesnar/Taker was good but I didn’t like the double DQ finish, good storyline progression though since they would go on to have a Hell in a Cell match next month. They did work well together but it got repetitive, post match was good when Taker through Lesnar through the Unforgiven sign and truly showed the hatred in the feud. Definitely check this show out I would say it is better than most 02 PPVs.


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