WWE Judgment Day 2003 Review

– John Cena & The F.B.I. vs. Chris Benoit, Spanky & Rhino ** ¼

– La Résistance vs. Scott Steiner & Test ** ¼

– Team Angle © vs. Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri (WWE Tag Team Championship/Ladder Match) *** ½

– 9 Man Battle Royal (Intercontinental Championship) ** ½

– Mr. America vs. Roddy Piper *

– Triple H © vs. Kevin Nash (World Heavyweight Championship) * ½

– Jazz © vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline vs. Victoria (Women’s Championship) * ½

– Brock Lesnar © vs. Big Show (WWE Championship/Stretcher Match) *** ¼

Overall: 6.0

Overall Thoughts – This really wasn’t a good PPV but it had a few good matches. The first half of 2003 excluding WrestleMania XIX had a lot of lackluster PPV’s and this was one of them. The show kicked off with a 6 man tag which was decent, but fun for the time it got. The tag match was alright, nothing special but I did like the storyline behind it. The Ladder match for the Tag Team Championship was MOTN, there was some innovative stuff but there were a good amount of botches. It was originally supposed to be Los Guerrero’s but due to Chavo’s injury, Tajiri replaced him and they did pretty well as a team. The Battle Royal for the newly revived IC Title was fun but the first 5 men were eliminated way to fast. I definitely think they should have held a tournament for the title instead of throwing a whole bunch of former IC Champs in there. The finish was really well done and definitely personified Christian’s sneaky heel gimmick. America/Piper was pretty much a waste of time, wasn’t a big fan of this storyline. HHH/Nash was total trash, especially for a Title match. The story behind it was really good but Nash always struggles to put on good matches. The Women’s Title match was above average, decent stuff. The WWE Championship Match was very fun especially with the Stretcher stipulation added. Lesnar & Show always oddly had chemistry and it was no different here. I think Rey Mysterio’s return in the middle of the match wasn’t needed and definitely hurt the match. The finish was very brilliant and it turned out to be one of the better Stretcher matches in WWE history. I would say this wouldn’t be worth checking out but it was actually easy to sit through.


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