WWE Extreme Rules 2011 PPV Review

– Randy Orton def. CM Punk (Last Man Standing) *** ½

– Kofi Kingston def. Sheamus © (US Championship/Tables Match) ***

– Michael Cole & Jack Swagger def. Jerry “The King” Lawler & JR (Country Whipping Match) * ¼

– Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes (Falls Count Anywhere) ***

– Layla def. Michelle McCool (Loser Leaves WWE) * ¾

– Christian def. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship/Ladder Match) ****

– Big Show & Kane © def. The Corre (WWE Tag Team Championship/LumberJack Match) * ¼

– John Cena def. The Miz ©, John Morrison (WWE Championship/Cage Match) *** ½

Overall: 7.75

Overall Thoughts – This was a very good show and loved every bit of it. Really easy to sit through but the crowd was absolutely horrible. The night kicked off with the Last Man Standing match which was really good, I would say this was Orton’s best match this year but Punk should have definitely went over here. The thrown on tables match was good, Kofi & Sheamus have pretty good chemistry and better than most Tables matches in recent history. The Country Whipping match was bad but better then the horrendous Mania match. It was easy to sit through but I really didn’t think Cole & Swagger should of won. The Falls Count Anywhere was good but a disappointment, I really feel the match should of ended outside of the ring. Layla/McCool was good for a Diva’s Match, it’s really a shame McCool is leaving. The Ladder match was MOTN no doubt, and FINALLY Christian has won the World Title. This match had really good spots and was a whole lot of fun, Christian & ADR have really good chemistry together and I’m SO glad Christian went over. The Tag Title match was your average filler, nothing special as it wasn’t even announced. The Cage Match was pretty fun but I definitely don’t think it should have ended the show, and Cena did not need to win the Title again. Overall a really good WWE PPV that is worth a view.


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