ECW One Night Stand 2006 Review

– Tazz vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler N/A

– Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton *** ¼

– The FBI vs. Super Crazy & Yoshihiro Tajiri ***

– Rey Mysterio © vs. Sabu (World Heavyweight Championship) *** ½

– Mick Foley, Edge & Lita vs. Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer & Beulah (Extreme Rules) ****

– Masato Tanaka vs. Balls Mahoney (Extreme Rules) **

– John Cena © vs. Rob Van Dam (WWE Championship) *** ¾

Overall: 8.5

Overall Thoughts – This was very well done just like the ONS previous to this one and if not the best PPV of 2006. It didn’t feel like the first ONS event talent wise but the crowd sure as hell did. We all know ECW has the best crowds and here was no different, they were hot throughout this stacked card. The night kicked off with Tazz taking on Jerry Lawler. This was only about 30 seconds but Tazz deserved to be on the card. Angle/Orton was good but it could have been a lot better, it got boring at some points but the crowd really made it better. This definitely shouldn’t have taken place here but with the newly revived ECW show making its debut it was understandable. The Tag Match was very fun; it was really cool of them to bring Tajiri from Japan since he wasn’t in the company in 06. The post match was cool when Big Show totally cleaned house. The World Title match was very good but I really wish they got more time. Rey & Sabu really had good chemistry and pulled off some really cool spots. The finish was really cool but I wasn’t a fan of them just stopping the match. The 6 Person Tag was MOTN, this was the definition of Hardcore. They pulled out loads of weapons in this match and the spots were unreal. Terry Funk looked to have a serious eye injury and actually came back during the middle of the match so huge props to him. Tanaka/Mahoney was decent; I wasn’t a huge fan of it but good to have straight ECW originals have a match. The WWE Championship match was borderline great but not quite there, they really had good chemistry and the crowd here was unreal. I wasn’t a fan of the finish and definitely think RVD should have gone over clean. Overall an outstanding show and definitely worth checking out.


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