WWE Over The Limit PPV Review

– R-Truth def. Rey Mysterio ***

– Ezekiel Jackson def Wade Barrett © (Via DQ) (Intercontinental Championship) * ¼

– Sin Cara def. Chavo Guerrero ** ½

– Kane & Big Show © def. CM Punk & Mason Ryan (WWE Tag Team Championship) * ¼

– Brie Bella © def. Kelly Kelly (Diva’s Championship) ¼ *

– Randy Orton © def. Christian (World Heavyweight Championship) ****

– Jerry Lawler def. Michael Cole (Kiss My Foot Match) N/A

– John Cena © def. The Miz (WWE Championship/I Quit Match) * ½

Overall: 5.0

Overall Thoughts – This was a very bad PPV, definitely the worst WWE PPV of the year so far. The crowd wasn’t so hot but better then Tampa’s last month. For the first half it really didn’t feel like a PPV but then made its way up. As expected, the undercard matches were bad-ok. A thing I didn’t like was Cole and Lawler hyping their match in almost every match. The opener was pretty fun but the crowd wasn’t so into it. The wrestling was pretty good and both of these guys seemed to have good chemistry. It could have used an extra 5 minutes but this definitely won’t be their last match, very surprised R-Truth won the match as well. The Intercontinental Championship Match wasn’t very good. The pace was slow and it was your basic punch/kick big man match. I wasn’t a fan of the DQ finish either but again, it looks like there will be a rematch. Cara/Chavo was good for the time it got but it felt like a basic SmackDown match. Chavo got in little offence which is ridiculous for a PPV match. The Tag Title Match was very boring; Punk really was the only thing that kept this match alive. I loved his tribute to the Macho Man but hate how the commentators didn’t mention it. I have no clue why Show & Kane retained but Nexus should definitely break up after this. Diva’s Match… Nunzio is an epic referee! Orton/Christian was no doubt Match of the Night. This was Orton’s best match in forever. These two have absolute great chemistry. This match had you thinking anybody could have won at any time. This is what made this show worth watching. Lawler/Cole was short, which it should be, and hopefully the last match EVER between these two. Also a nice surprise by Bret Hart! The I Quit match was probably the worst in history, Alex Riley being in this match just killed it. Cena barley got any offence in and it just became boring. The recorded voice made this worse but thank god it wasn’t the finish. And of course Cena wins in the end with about 5% offense in the entire match. Overall this was a very bad PPV.


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