WWE The Very Best of WCW Nitro DVD Review

Disc One,

– Flyin’ Bryan Pillman vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger (9/4/95) ***

– Hulk Hogan vs. Big Bubba Rodgers (9/4/95) * ¾

– Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (1/8/96) **

– Sting & Lex Luger vs. The Road Warriors (2/5/96) **

– Lord Steven Regal vs. Belfast Brawler (Parking Lot Brawl) (4/29/96) ** ½

– Ric Flair vs. Eddie Guerrero (5/20/96) *** ¼

– Sting & Lex Luger vs. Steiner Bros vs. Harlem Heat (6/24/96) ** ¼

– Sting & Lex Luger vs. The Outsiders (8/12/96) * ¼

– Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko (12/30/96) *** ½

Overall Disc One: 7.75

Disc Two,

– DDP vs. Mark Starr (1/13/97) N/A

– Syxx vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (4/21/97) ***

– Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Lex Luger (8/4/97) ** ½

– DDP vs. Buff Bagwell (9/29/97) ** ½

– Randy Savage vs. Sting (2/2/98) **

– Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan (7/6/98) ** ¼

– Kevin Nash & Sting vs. Scott Hall & The Giant (7/20/98) ** ¾

– Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chris Jericho (8/3/98) *** ½

– Juventud Guerrera vs. Billy Kidman (9/14/98) *** ¼

– Bret Hart vs. DDP (10/26/98) *** ¼

– Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff (12/28/98) N/A

Overall Disc Two: 8.5

Disc Three,

– Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Kevin Nash (1/4/99) DUD

– Sting vs. DDP (4/26/99) *** ¾

– Eddie Guerrero vs. Juventud Guerrera (6/21/99) ** ½

– Hulk Hogan, Goldberg & Sting vs. Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner (8/9/99) * ¼

– Billy Kidman vs. DDP (8/16/99) *

– Bret Hart vs. Goldberg (12/20/99) * ¾

– Sid Vicious vs. Kevin Nash (1/24/00) * ½

– DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett (Steel Cage) (4/24/00) * ¼

– 3 Count vs. Jung Dragons (Ladder Match) (7/18/00) ½ *

– Booker T vs. Lance Storm (8/7/00) ** ½

– Triple Cage War Games (9/4/00) * ½

– Sting vs. Ric Flair (3/26/01) * ¾

Overall: 4.5 (RIP WCW)

Overall Thoughts – I’m so glad they did this DVD but it truly didn’t live up to its title. It was honestly more like the Very Best of the Main Eventers, because we all know the Cruiserweights were stealing the show every night and they didn’t do a great job highlighting it on this DVD. Otherwise, I did have a lot of fun watching this DVD (with @itsmiguelyo). When I first heard DDP was going to be hosting this DVD I was very excited and he did a great job doing it. All though it didn’t give me personally the nostalgia factor didn’t affect me because I didn’t grow up a WCW fan, but for somebody who did (including @itsmiguelyo) it will. It was more of a history lesson for me, although I did know most of their main storylines, this did clear things a lot of things up for me. The first Two Discs were gold, both promo and match wise. When it came down to the third disc, you could clearly tell, even if you haven’t watched WCW a day in your life that the promotion was going downhill. The talent was getting weaker and the booking was ridiculous. I just had a great time laughing and majority of the stuff they put on this disc. The very last segment with DDP, he teased a Best of Nitro Volume 2, so I hope WWE ends up doing it. The only knock I have on this were the bars not making it full screen, but understandable since it wasn’t the best quality. Definitely a great DVD, majority of the matches were all good for being TV matches, and the promos were well selected.

Recommended? – Yes

Overall Score: 7.75


2 responses to “WWE The Very Best of WCW Nitro DVD Review

  1. I just picked this one up yesterday and I’m really enjoying it. I have a few problems with it though.

    -No Benoit matches. (I understand why they didn’t though.)
    -No Jericho matches
    – I wanted a little more Goldberg

    Other than that, it’s a fine DVD set worth my money.

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