WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 PPV Review

– Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston © (US Championship) *** ¼

– Alex Riley def. The Miz * ¾

– Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show * ¼

– Ezekiel Jackson def. Wade Barrett © (IC Championship) * ½

– CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio *** ½

– Randy Orton © def. Christian (World Heavyweight Championship) *** ¾

– Evan Bourne def. Jack Swagger ** ½

– John Cena © def. R-Truth (WWE Championship) ** ¼

Overall: 6.5

Overall Thoughts – Going into this I thought the show would be pretty good. It did somewhat deliver, everything was pretty much how it was expected to be. The opener was really well done, this was supposedly their 17th broadcasted match and I would say it was one of their Top 5. Back and forth action throughout with good wrestling; the finish was a little weird but still, it was a good match. I’m glad the US Title is now on Ziggler which should lead to new contenders on Raw. Riley/Miz was very boring and dull; this match was identical to their house show match I was at minus the finish. This could lead to something big for A-Ry but it might be difficult rebuilding The Miz. ADR/Show was really odd; the pre-match had absolutely no point since Show continued the match anyways. I don’t get how the ref started to count after Big Show was down when the bell never rang. However, I did like how Show sold the leg through the whole match and how Del Rio locked in a leg lock instead of his trademark armbar. The finish was pretty weird but it didn’t make either man look weak. Zeke/Barrett was better than their match last PPV but not by much, again your basic big man match but finally with a clean outcome. I hope this gets Barrett into the main event and gives guys like Cody Rhodes a chance at the IC title. Punk/Mysterio was very good but not their best. It took a while for this to pick up but when it finally did it was really good. These guys have always had good chemistry with each other and here was no different. The finish was great and surprisingly Punk went over hopefully giving him a WWE Title shot at Money in the Bank. Orton/Christian was really good but it didn’t top their match at OTL. I don’t get why the match wasn’t restarted but it feeds to the “Christian got screwed” storyline. It will be interesting to see what happens this week on SmackDown. Bourne/Swagger which was billed as a special attraction turned out to be pretty decent. Bourne actually picked up the win which was shocking and it had some pretty good wrestling in the match. The finishing sequence was also very well done. Cena/Truth really wasn’t at a Main Event level, they really didn’t work too well together. The match was pretty boring for most of the time, there really wasn’t anytime in the match were I thought Truth would win. Overall I thought it was a decent PPV but an improvement from last months.


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