ROH Best in the World iPPV Review

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Colt Cabana ** ¾

– Jay Lethal def. Mike Bennett ***

– Homicide def. Rhino (Street Fight) ***

– Michael Elgin def. Steve Corino ** ¼

– El Generico def. Christopher Daniels © (ROH TV Championship) ****

– WGTT © def. Briscoes, ANX & Kings of Wrestling (ROH Tag Team Championship) **** ½

– Davey Richards def. Eddie Edwards © (ROH World Championship) *****

Overall: 9.25

Overall Thoughts – This show was amazing, even with the undercard being as weak as it was it still delivered as one of the best shows this year. Historic is another way to describe it, but the night kicked off with Cabana/Ciampa which was very fun and I like that it opened the show. They didn’t work badly at all and the comedy was really well done. Lethal/Bennett was pretty good and I was impressed with Lethal’s work here. Bennett has still yet to impress me but he wasn’t all that bad here. I was actually expecting this match to be worse but it did prove me wrong. Homicide/Rhino was a very good brawl; I liked this match a lot. Rhino was very impressive and Homicide seemed to have stepped up his game. There were a few good Ladder spots and a table spot, as well as another one in the post match. I didn’t like the finish too much but still, good match. Corino/Elgin was probably the worst match of the night but it was decent. I loved the pre-match with Steen actually returning. For the match itself I wasn’t really into it, I don’t think they worked too well together but it turned out to be decent. The post-match was also great where he actually brawled with Elgin and Truth. I like how he turned right away saying “Fuck Ring of Honor” and nobody was expecting that, but I am very interested to see where this goes. Generico/Daniels was great, these two worked really well together.  Daniels did a great job working the crowd. I love how they made this title win feel important by having Generico use the top rope brain buster. The 4 Way Tag was amazing, all four teams worked great and the flow to the match was perfect. This match had it all, storytelling, wrestling, spots, time you name it. I think the finish was a bit weak but the post match stuff was awesome. Davey/Richards was MOTY, this match was perfect. This might be the best match in ROH history but that is debatable. These guys fought their hearts out and gave it everything. This had everything and anything you could ever imagine in a wrestling match. The storytelling was one of a kind, everybody must see this match. Finally Davey Richards is the ROH World Champion and will lead ROH into a new chapter. This is a must see show and I’ll leave it at that.


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