TNA Destination X 2011 PPV Review

– Kaz def. Samoa Joe *** ¼

– Doug Williams def. Mark Haskins ** ½

– Shark Boy & Eric Young def. Generation Me ** ¼

– Alex Shelley def. Amazing Red, Robbie E & Shannon Moore (Ultimate X) ***

– Rob Van Dam def. Jerry Lynn *** ½

– Austin Aries def. Low-Ki, Jack Evans & Zema Ion ****

– Brian Kendrick def. Abyss © (TNA X-Division Championship) **

– AJ Styles def. Christopher Daniels ****

Overall: 8.0

Overall Thoughts – This PPV was hyped up for weeks to be TNA’s best PPV in a while and it sure did deliver. I would say this is TNA’s best PPV of the year by a landslide. The 6 sided ring was really nice to have back and kind of brought back the Old School feel. The night kicked off with Joe/Kaz which was a fantastic way to open the show. This match really delivered and the crowd was 100% into it. Both men got their fair share of moves and it really flowed well. I didn’t like the finish what so ever but nonetheless good match. Haskins/Williams was decent, I was very disappointed in who the mystery opponent was. I wasn’t really impressed with Haskins, he was a bit sloppy but Williams was on his game. Shark Boy & EY/Gen Me was one of weakest matches on the card, it was thrown on the card at the last second but it turned out to be okay. It was nice to see Shark Boy return though. There was really nothing wrong with the match but it just didn’t deliver. The Ultimate X was disappointing, Robbie E was very sloppy in this match but the rest tried to put on the best performance they could. It was way too short as well all though it did have some highlight spots but nothing memorable. The match was still good don’t get me wrong, just not one of the best Ultimate X’s in history. Generation Me really should have been in this match but what can you do. Lynn/RVD was very good, obviously this wasn’t a classic like what was put on in ECW but it still was good. I appreciate that Lynn could still go for his age and they still had the chemistry. It featured a lot of great sequences and some good spots, good stuff. Evans/Aries/Ki/Ion was MOTN, just nonstop action throughout with sick spots. All four men had their time to shine and sure as hell delivered. This definitely lived up to its hype and was TNA’s best match of the year. Kendrick/Abyss was probably the weakest match of the night but it was a good moment. The match itself was okay nothing special whatsoever. I really hope they don’t start an X-Division/Immortal feud like they did last year with EV2 but finally the belt is where it should be, on an X-Division wrestler. AJ/Daniels was definitely great match but not their best. It had a great mix of spots and technical work. The storytelling was really good as well but there were a few notable botches. Very good PPV and I hope this means TNA will feature the X-Division more often now.


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