Evolve 9 iPPV Review

– Eric Ryan vs. Bobby Beverly (No Contest) * ½

– Super Smash Bros. def. Facade & Jason Gory ** ¾

– Silas Young def. Sugar Dunkerton ** ¾

– Pinkie Sanchez def. Lince Dorado ***

– Scott Reed & Caleb Konley def. Up In Smoke *** ½

– Bobby Fish vs. Jon Davis (No Contest) N/A

– Jon Davis def. Bobby Fish & Kevin Steen ***

– John Silver def. Tony Nese *** ¼

– Fit Finlay def. Sami Callihan *** ½

– Chuck Taylor def. Johnny Gargano *** ¾

Overall: 7.25

Overall Thoughts – This was the first Evolve show I’ve seen and I gotta say I was indeed impressed. Some things I weren’t a fan of was the commentary team and production values, they seemed to have a bit of technical difficulties for the first half of the show. I did like that all the matches had a lot of action in them and some innovative moves. The night kicked off with Ryan/Beverly which was very short and nothing special. Kevin Steen who made his Evolve debut came out early and just delivered Package Piledrivers to both of the guy which came off great. He then went to cut a promo but the audio wasn’t working for half of it. When they finally fixed the issue Steen was ranting about ROH. He then took shots at Evolve and Bobby Fish came out to defend it. The fans started trashing Fish but it was an alright segment, the technical difficulties definitely hurt it. Super Smack Bros/Facade & Gory was short and fun, I was very impressed with both teams but it should have gone a bit longer. There were some cool moves I’ve never seen before, borderline good match. Young/Dunkerton was another borderline good match; they had good chemistry with each other and there was a good amount of action. The post-match featured a promo and yet again there were technical difficulties. Sanchez/Dorado was another solid match; both guys worked well together. I’m disappointed Shiima Xion, Pinkie’s original opponent couldn’t make it but nonetheless good match. Up in Smoke/Konley & Reed was very good, fun action throughout. I was familiar with Up in Smoke and Caleb Konley but not Scott Reed. There were some really good spots and nonstop action, one of the best matches of the night. After the match Cheech turned on Cloudy which I don’t think was a good move since I don’t see them as singles wrestlers. Fish/Davis got underway and almost as soon as they locked up Steen interfered and the ref called for a no contest. The Match was then made into a Three Way with Kevin Steen. The Three Way was another fun match, very good action throughout but I was very surprised Steen didn’t go over. Good match though but it could have been better. Nese/Silver was good; back and forth action and you never knew when it was gonna end. I do think it dragged on just a bit but nothing major. Finlay/Callihan was a good old fashion brawl; Very good match and both men put on a good performance. Finlay showed he could still hang for his age and Callihan was pretty impressive. I think it dragged out a bit but I really liked the finish and both men hugged it out after. Gargano/Taylor was MOTN; fun match here, both men knew each other so well which made it better. Very good match and a great way to close the show.


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