TNA Hardcore Justice 2011 PPV Review

– Brian Kendrick © def. Austin Aries & Alex Shelley (TNA X-Division Championship) ** ¾

– Ms. Tessmacher & Tara © def. Rosita & Sarita (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship) * ½

– The Pope def. Devon (BFG Series Match) **

– Winter def. Mickie James © (TNA Knockouts Championship) *

– Crimson def. RVD (BFG Series Match) * ½

– AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels & Kaz def. Gunner, Abyss & Scott Steiner ***

– Bully Ray def. Mr. Anderson **

– Beer Money © def. Mexican America (TNA Tag Team Championship) ** ¾

– Kurt Angle def. Sting © (TNA World Heavyweight Championship) ***

Overall: 5.25

Overall Thoughts – This was another typical TNA PPV, nothing is changing with this company. For some reason they kept the name Hardcore Justice when not one match on the card had a stipulation. The opener was borderline good but definitely disappointing. I thought forsure this would be MOTN but it wasn’t. All three guys got their moves in but the pacing was slower than usual X-Division matches and it had very few spots. I definitely thought Aries should have won the belt here with the push he has gotten as of late but nonetheless fun match. The Knockouts Tag Match was honestly better than expected, it wasn’t good but it was watchable. I definitely thought it would have just been a cluster but everybody worked fine and I had no problems with it. Pope/Devon was another match that was better than expected; they actually had some sort of chemistry. If this wasn’t a BFG Series Match then the story behind this match could easily be the most ridiculous in TNA history. Mickie/Winter was the worse Knockout Match of the two, the multiple interferences by Angelina Love were ridiculous and obvious yet the referee had no suspicion at all. The work between Mickie and Winter was really nothing special at all but I was very surprised to see Winter take the title off Mickie so it looks like the feud will continue. Crimson/RVD wasn’t anything good at all really; Jerry Lynn I guess is now with TNA and accompanied RVD to the ring. To some extent the match had a few good moves in it but the crowd was dead throughout. The finish was really bizarre but if it’s setting up a feud between RVD and Lynn then I am for it. Fortune/Immortal was MOTN, good stuff here by Fortune carrying Immortal to a good match. I think AJ definitely worked his ass off here and hit some really nice spots, including the finish. Daniels and Kaz were also very good in this match and the table spot Daniels took looked pretty nasty. Ray/Anderson was actually a decent little brawl but not that good of a match overall, both guys got some moves in but other than that it was nothing special. The Tag Title Match was another borderline good match; I really liked the pacing to this but I felt Mexican America didn’t get enough moves in. I also didn’t get why James Storm no sold the injuries he had on Impact and was 100% in the match. Angle/Sting was actually good; I really think Angle brought the best out of Sting. For a while they went at a pretty fast pace which was surprising being that Sting hasn’t really been able to go as of late. I like that both men used each other’s finishers on them as well. Obviously Hulk Hogan came out and got ready to hit Sting with the chair but Angle took it away from him but then actually used it followed by the Angle Slam to win the belt. I like that this leaves a cliffhanger to see if Angle is going to turn full blown heel on Impact or not.


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