WWE SummerSlam 2011 PPV Review

– Rey Mysterio, John Morrison & Kofi Kingston def. The Miz, R-Truth & Alberto Del Rio ***

– Mark Henry def. Sheamus (Via Countout) ** ¼

– Kelly Kelly © def. Beth Phoenix (Diva’s Championship) * ½

– Wade Barrett def. Daniel Bryan *** ¼

– Randy Orton def. Christian © (World Heavyweight Championship/No Holds Barred) **** ¼

– CM Punk © def. John Cena © (Undisputed WWE Championship/Special Guest Referee: HHH) **** ¼

– Alberto Del Rio def. CM Punk © (Undisputed WWE Championship) N/A

Overall: 8.25

Overall Thoughts – Going into this PPV I wasn’t expecting much but this turned out to be a great SummerSlam. The night kicked off with a 6 Man Tag which was added on the card before the show started. This was a fun, good match and a great way to get the crowd going. Kofi had a few nice spots in here and the pacing throughout was perfect. Rey Mysterio didn’t work a lot of the match, I don’t know if he actually is injured but he was the one to get the pin. Henry/Sheamus was decent; I actually was expecting worse but they found a way to make the match entertaining. The finish was absolutely sick and it looks like the feud isn’t over; no problems with this at all. Kelly/Phoenix was better than your typical Diva’s match; Kelly brought out some new moves here while Beth brought out some new attire. The sneaky win finish was perfect and it doesn’t hurt Beth at all and I gotta say I’m looking forward to a rematch. Barrett/Bryan was another match that exceeded expectations and it turned out to be pretty good. Both men gave it their all here and it worked, the chemistry was there. I don’t know why Barrett went over here but nonetheless good match. Orton/Christian was great; one of the best No Holds Barred matches of all time. The spots in this match were incredible, but Christian was taking most of them including all three table spots. I think this is their best match out of the five but Christian losing this really hurts him. I don’t know if they are going to drag this feud out more but nonetheless great match. Cena/Punk was MOTN; this was almost identical to their MITB match but it worked. I’m happy HHH didn’t screw anybody over in this match and I really liked how he didn’t count both men out. The finish itself left a big cliffhanger but after the match Kevin Nash came and gave CM Punk the Jackknife Powerbomb. After that ADR comes running out and cashes in his MITB briefcase to successfully win the title. The show went off the air with more questions than answers which can be good and bad thing. The show overall was definitely one of the better SummerSlam’s and the best of the “Big 4” so far.


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