TNA No Surrender 2011 PPV Review

– Jesse Sorensen def. Kid Kash (#1 Contender’s Match) ** ½

– Bully Ray def. James Storm (BFG Series Semi-Finals) * ¾

– Winter def. Mickie James © (TNA Knockouts Championship) ½ *

– Mexican America © def. The Pope & Devon (TNA Tag Team Championship) ** ¼

– Matt Morgan def. Samoa Joe ** ¾

– Robert Roode def. Gunner (BFG Series Semi-Finals) **

– Austin Aries def. Brian Kendrick © (TNA X-Division Championship) *** ¼

– Robert Roode def. Bully Ray (BFG Series Finals) **

– Kurt Angle © def. Sting & Mr. Anderson (TNA World Heavyweight Championship) **

Overall: 5.0

Overall Thoughts – This was just another typical 2011 TNA PPV, nothing different. The show opened up with Sorensen/Kash which was a nice little opener, but there wasn’t really a reason why this couldn’t have been on Impact. I wasn’t really impressed with Sorensen but the match turned out to be decent. Ray/Storm was very dull and boring. James Storm got most of the offense in on top of the match taking a good 3 minutes to get started. Storm mostly worked on Bully Ray’s arm throughout but the finish was just terrible. Winter/James was pretty much identical to their match at Hardcore Justice which is ridiculous, horrible match. The Tag Team Championship match was decent with a nice flow to it, but yet again another overbooked match. Rosita & Sarita interfered at least 3 times in the match which definitely hurt it; nothing special at all. Morgan/Joe was way better than expectations; these guys have had matches in the past that were awful but this turned out to be borderline good. The pacing was slow but there was good action with no signs of bad booking. Roode/Gunner was decent but very boring and it dragged out way to long. I did like that Gunner wouldn’t tap out but it made the match seem one dimensional similar to Ray/Storm. Aries/Kendrick was MOTN, pretty good match here but it could’ve been better, especially with the time it got. I’m glad that Aries went over clean here and I’m definitely looking forward to his title reign. Roode/Ray was yet again another dull match but it turned out to be decent. Roode tried to carry Ray but to no effect, I’m glad that Roode won in the end though. The Main Event was piss poor, nobody cared, even the fans. Very slow pacing throughout with another horrible finish. Angle did try to carry the match but it just didn’t turn out to be good.


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