WWE Night of Champions 2011 PPV Review

– Airboom © def. R-Truth & The Miz (Via DQ) (WWE Tag Team Championship) ** ¾

– Cody Rhodes © def. Ted DiBiase (IC Championship) ***

– Dolph Ziggler © def. Jack Swagger, Alex Riley & John Morrison (US Championship) *** ½

– Mark Henry def. Randy Orton © (World Heavyweight Championship) ***

– Kelly Kelly © def. Beth Phoenix (Diva’s Championship) * ¾

– John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio © (WWE Championship) *** ¼

– Triple H def. CM Punk (No Disqualification) ** ½

Overall: 6.5

Overall Thoughts – The show opened up with Airboom taking on The Miz & R-Truth which was pretty decent and a solid opener. There was actually some pretty good action and some good spots by Airboom through the match. The flow went pretty well and the finish made sense which feeds to the conspiracy storyline. I’m looking out for the rematch and honestly wouldn’t mind seeing it. Rhodes/DiBiase was good; but the crowd was dead. Their definitely was some good wrestling in the match and a nice dropkick spot by DiBiase. I wasn’t a big fan of the finish, but like the previous match I would like to see a rematch. The Fatal 4 Way was MOTN; really good match here and lots of fun. There was a lot of awesome spots and near falls in the match which gave the match suspense. The finish was really well done and easily draws more heat to Ziggler. Henry/Orton was surprisingly good with just as much as a surprising finish. The pacing was obviously slow but it worked. A few spots in this match that happened were really nice; good match. Kelly/Beth wasn’t as good as SummerSlam but it was watchable. I give them props for doing a Superplex which you almost never see from Divas. The sneaky finish wasn’t needed again 2 PPVs in a row, especially in Beth’s hometown but the crowd let them know what they thought about it. Cena/ADR was very good but the Cena winning was ridiculous. They actually had pretty good chemistry and the wrestling in the match was solid. The finish did hurt the match, and now ADR just looks like a horrible champion. I don’t get WWE’s booking sometimes but we’ll see where this goes. HHH/Punk was honestly an overbooked disaster, especially for such a high profiled match. The first half of this match was fine, although it could’ve been way better. When the Miz & Truth interfered it all went downhill. This was probably the biggest disappointment of the year. This was definitely one of the weaker WWE PPVs of the year.


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