WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 PPV Review

– Sheamus def. Christian ***

– Sin Cara (Blue) def. Sin Cara (Black) ** ¾

– Air Boom © def. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (WWE Tag Team Championship) ***

– Mark Henry © def. Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Championship/Hell in a Cell) ***

– Cody Rhodes © def. John Morrison (IC Championship) ** ¼

– Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly © (Diva’s Championship) * ½

– Alberto Del Rio def. John Cena © & CM Punk (WWE Championship/Hell in a Cell) *** ¾

Overall: 7.0

Overall Thoughts – The show kicked off with Sheamus taking on Christian which was a really solid opener. This feud has been going on for about a month now and this was a nice contribution to the feud. They did have chemistry and I definitely don’t see the feud ending here so I’m looking for a rematch at Vengeance. Sin Cara/Sin Cara was a bit of a letdown, I was expecting more of a spotty match. They did in fact have spots but a lot of stuff was sloppy. Again, I am expecting a rematch and I’m hoping it will be able to top this mach. The Tag Team Championship bout was good and above expectations since it was added on to the card at the last minute. It got a fair amount of time and everybody used their time wisely. Everybody worked fine with each other and when the match picked up it became really fun. The finish really came out of nowhere but nonetheless good match. Henry/Orton was pretty disappointing but still good. It should have definitely been more brutal considering their feud has been heated plus the Hell in a Cell match already comes with those expectations but they just didn’t deliver. I don’t see this match being the blow off so just like a couple other matches on this show, I expect a rematch at Vengeance. Rhodes/Morrison, can you say random? This match just made absolutely no sense and screamed filler. Morrison isn’t even on SmackDown which didn’t make sense again. The segment before the match was awesome though, it’s great to see the Classic IC Title back. As for the match, it was decent but nothing more, pretty dull. Beth/Kelly was the worst match out of the three that they’ve had, but finally, the result was the best. They didn’t do as much as they have in their previous matches but it still had a few good moves. I felt the finish needed to have psychology where Beth would catch Kelly going for the sneaky win but it didn’t happen. The Triple Threat Hell in a Cell was very good, MOTN in fact. All three men worked well together and were creative. They did use weapons and the cage but you can’t help to notice how watered down they have made this match. The finish was a little lame but the post match stuff was awesome. Overall it was a pretty good PPV but probably the weakest of the 3 HIAC PPVs.


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