WWE Survivor Series 2011 PPV Review

– Dolph Ziggler © def. John Morrison (US Championship) *** ¼

– Beth Phoenix © def. Eve (Diva’s Championship/Lumberjill Match) * ¾

– Team Barrett def. Team Orton (5 on 5 Elimination Tag) *** ¼

– Big Show def. Mark Henry © (Via DQ) (World Heavyweight Championship) ** ¼

– CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio © (WWE Championship) *** ¾

– The Rock & John Cena def. The Miz & R-Truth ***

Overall: 8.0

Overall Thoughts – I had the privilege to attend this event live and it was probably the best show I have attended, just an amazing experience. This show definitely came off better live but it was still really good on TV. TV didn’t do the crowd justice although we were still heard. The opener was really fun; Ziggler seems to have great chemistry with anybody he’s in the ring with. There was a lot of good back and forth action and a really good sequence ending in Ziggler hitting the fameasser. The crowd chanted We Want Ryder throughout and he finally came out at the end, but he definitely should have been in this match, nonetheless good match. Eve/Phoenix was okay and I had no problems with it. I think it was slightly better than their Vengeance match as well. The finish was absolutely sick and creative; I give props to Eve for taking that. The 5 on 5 was pretty good but could’ve been better. Sin Cara getting injured hurt the match a little bit by not letting him to do some spots although the RKO spot was really nice. I was really happy with the outcome of the match with Rhodes and Barrett being the sole survivors. Show/Henry was decent, nothing special really. The first half was pretty boring but it picked up. Big Show doing the elbow drop was really cool to see. I didn’t agree with the finish, but the post match felt like they were setting up for Daniel Bryan to cash in as the crowd chanted, but nothing happened which sucked. Punk/ADR was very good; they both had good chemistry and worked well with each other. There was some really good action and some nice sequences and spots. The finish was perfect since nobody thought that Punk would win with the Anaconda Vice. I’m very happy that Punk is champ once again and had a great moment. Rock & Cena/Awesome Truth was fun and good. It was such an honor to see Rock’s first match in 7 years and he really hasn’t lost a step. He was on fire when he was in that ring. Cena getting worked on for majority of the match was pretty boring but it just made the hot tag that much more worthy of waiting for. I can’t wait for these two to collide in Miami. After the show went off the air, Rock cut a hilarious promo; Great show from top to bottom.


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