WWE TLC 2011 PPV Review

– Zack Ryder def. Dolph Ziggler © (US Championship) ***

– Air Boom © def. Epico & Primo (WWE Tag Team Championship) ***

– Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett (Tables Match) *** ¼

– Beth Phoenix © def. Kelly Kelly (Diva’s Championship) *

– Triple H def. Kevin Nash (Ladder Match) **

– Sheamus def. Jack Swagger * ¾

– Big Show def. Mark Henry © (World Heavyweight Championship/Chairs Match) * ¾

– Daniel Bryan def. Big Show © (World Heavyweight Championship) N/A

– Cody Rhodes © def. Booker T (IC Championship) ** ¾

– CM Punk © def. Alberto Del Rio & The Miz (WWE Championship/TLC Match) *** ¾

Overall: 6.75

Overall Thoughts – Going into the this PPV the card didn’t look too thrilling and it didn’t turn out to be good in the end although it was fun. There were 3 unnecessary filler matches which is unheard of for a PPV, even 1 filler per card doesn’t make any sense to me. The show kicked off with the Zack Ryder taking on Dolph Ziggler for the US Title which turned out to be good. I think it was better than their Vengeance match and there was more to it. These guys have good chemistry with each other and it’s a given that it would have gotten better with time but it still was solid and a nice opener. Also a nice way for Ryder to win the title and hopefully pushing Ziggler into the Main Event scene. The first filler was for the Tag Team Championship that actually turned out to be pretty good. I was really impressed with Epico and Primo and they worked well with Air Boom. It went pretty smooth and it turned out to have a few nice spots; good stuff. Orton/Barrett was very good; both guys worked well and used the Tables to their advantage which makes a good Tables Match. The finish was really creative as well, I’m hoping this feud isn’t over yet, I’d like to see a few more matches out of these guys. Kelly/Phoenix, another filler match, turned out to be pretty bad, probably their worst PPV match. There’s really nohing to say about it; just your typical Diva’s match. Nash/HHH was… unique. There were very few good things I liked in this but it was pretty funny for the wrong reasons. I think it turned out to be okay at best. Nash’s botches were priceless but I give him props for taking the Table bump. I honestly thought the finish was great but I hope this feud is over. Sheamus/Swagger, the 3rd filler, was short and not needed at all it just hurt the show. Swagger just worked on Sheamus’ leg until Sheamus came back. This did not belong on PPV and whoever thought of this to be on the card is an idiot. Show/Henry was really bad and a poor excuse for a World Title match. They battled with chairs for a few minutes until Show delivered the KO Punch. Henry then laid out Big Show setting up for Daniel Bryan to cash in and win the World Title! This was great and I’m so happy for Bryan, hope his title reign actually lasts. Rhodes/Booker which thankfully got to happen, ended up being pretty decent. Booker not being 100% hurt the match, I definitely think it could have been better but I’m glad it still happened after the stupid stuff they did earlier in the night. I’m interested to see where they go with Booker’s head injury. Punk/ADR/Miz was very good, MOTN obviously, but I thought it could have been great. There were a lot of nice spots but I didn’t like the handcuff stuff. I give Ricardo props for taking that bump through the table, it looked pretty nasty. The finish felt a little flat but I’m glad with the outcome. Overall it was a disappointing show and probably the worst TLC PPV out of the 3.


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