WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 PPV Review

– CM Punk © def. Chris Jericho, The Miz, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston & Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship/Elimination Chamber) *** ¾

– Beth Phoenix © def. Tamina Snuka (Diva’s Championship) **

– Daniel Bryan © def. Wade Barrett, Santino, Great Khali, Big Show & Cody Rhodes (World Heavyweight Championship/Elimination Chamber) **** ¼

– Jack Swagger © def. Justin Gabriel (US Championship) * ½

– John Cena def. Kane (Ambulance Match) ** ¼

Overall: 7.5

Overall Thoughts – The Show surprisingly kicked off with the Raw Elimination Chamber which I thought was pretty disappointing. I felt it lacked creativity and just overall wasn’t as good as previous Chamber matches. I hated the way Jericho was taken out of the Chamber; it just made no sense and hurt his character. I did like that Ziggler took some brutal spots and that Kofi was able to fulfill the high flying spots. Although it was still very good it was very disappointing in my opinion. Beth/Tamina was pretty decent, better than the typical Diva’s match. It seemed as if Tamina took a nasty bump to the outside but she appeared to be okay. They built some good suspense to Tamina connecting with the Superfly Splash but Beth was able to kick out. The match got some time and was watchable but nothing special. The SmackDown Chamber was great; to say looking at this card on paper that this Chamber would be the better out of the two you would say it had to be a miracle. This match had great spots, brutality and a ton of suspense and fun. WWE actually made Santino believable that he would win this match, and the crowd was behind him throughout. Everybody in this match worked extremely well in here with the exception of Khali. Sheamus came out after to confirm he was challenging Bryan at Mania which should be awesome. We had an impromptu United States Championship match which was just a short little match. It was really not needed but everybody saw it coming. Swagger worked on Gabriel’s leg and then finally got the tap out with the Ankle lock. Cena/Kane was very disappointing; the storyline has been terrible but I felt the match could have been good. They had a few cool spots but not enough, especially for a match like this. They needed to use more weapons IMO but they failed to do so. The match also was in the ring for way to long and needed to go backstage. I feel Kane/Shane blew this out of the water. The finish was great though and very believable. Overall the show was good but not as good as the past two Elimination Chamber PPVs.


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