WWE No Way Out 2012 PPV Review

– Brodus Clay def. David Otunga ¾ * (Not Counted)

– Sheamus © def. Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Championship) *** ½

– Santino def. Ricardo Rodriguez (Tuxedo Match) DUD

– Christian © def. Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Championship) *** ¼

– Primetime Playas def. Epico & Primo, Usos, Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd (#1 Contender’s Match) ***

– Layla © def. Beth Phoenix (Diva’s Championship) *

– Sin Cara def. Hunico * ¾

– CM Punk © def. Daniel Bryan & Kane (WWE Championship) *** ¾

– Ryback def. Jobbers N/A

– John Cena def. Big Show (Cage Match) * ½

Overall: 6.25

Overall Thoughts – The show kicked off with the World Heavyweight Championship match like this is WrestleMania or something but it was still very good. I think 5 more minutes could have made it great but it is what it is. Dolph and Sheamus definitely worked well, it just sucked it had to be thrown together at the last minute and Dolph didn’t get any build. New Jersey was all for Dolph, there were nice good sequences and spots, good stuff. Ricardo/Santino was complete garbage as expected, just wasted everybody’s time. Cody/Christian was pretty good and very fun, but again it needed some more time. This was better than their OTL match since they actually had some buildup to this. The false finish in this was perfect and the finishing sequence was even better. The 4 Way Tag was a lot of fun, I was a big fan of this match and especially outcome. There was a ton of cool spots in here although there were some dull points, good match. The Diva’s match was a bit worse than OTL but it’s not like that was good either. This was just clearly thrown together as filler, nothing special. Hunico/Sin Cara was another filler which didn’t do this PPV any favors. This is just a match you can tune into Smackdown for, nothing special again. The WWE Championship Match was really good, obviously people thought Kane would ruin the match but it was still pretty damn good. Everybody worked well and there were some real nice spots. The only thing I didn’t like was the finish, I think it was a real weak way to cap that match off. Ryback, he’s gotta be 16-0 by now right? Cena/Show was another terrible main event; it was really hard to sit through. The finish was really confusing as well, didn’t get why they had a race to the finish if they were just gonna have Cena win and on top of that the ref was still down so he never confirmed the decision. This was definitely the worst PPV WWE has had yet but it was still decent.


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