WWE SummerSlam 2012 PPV Review

Antonio Cesaro def. Santino © (United States Championship) ** (Not Counted)

– Chris Jericho def. Dolph Ziggler *** ½

– Daniel Bryan def. Kane ** ¾

– The Miz © def. Rey Mysterio (Intercontinental Championship) ***

– Sheamus © def. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship) *** ¼

– Kofi Kingston & R-Truth © def. Prime Time Players (WWE Tag Team Championship) ** ¼

– CM Punk © def. Big Show & John Cena (WWE Championship) *** ¼

– Brock Lesnar def. Triple H (No DQ, No Countout) ***

Overall: 7.25

Overall Thoughts – Our last WWE 25th Anniversary PPV and tonight it’s SummerSlam. We kicked off the night with Jericho/Ziggler which was MOTN. I was expecting a bit more but for the time they were given it was fine. Clearly these guys have chemistry with each other and it sucks they can’t put on anymore matches continuing this feud because we’d all love to see it. I do agree with the result because Jericho earned it, he’s came back and put everybody he’s worked with over, so he deserves a moment before he leaves. Kane/Bryan was pretty good, it would have obviously been better with more time. They were both working well together and then they ended the match in a way you would set up for another one, so I guess this feud isn’t over. Miz/Mysterio was definitely a sleeper and better than I thought. These guys have a lot of chemistry together and had a nice match here. Rey was really on his game tonight, a lot of nice spots from him. Nice to have Miz pick up another retain under his belt and hopefully they both just move on from here. Sheamus/ADR was good and better than last month’s match. It was a totally different type of match which worked unlike at MITB where they tried to be technical. It was going really well but then they ended it and I really did not like the finish at all; two years in a row we get a finish like this. Look forward to another rematch next month. The Tag Team Championship match was decent; I really think this is where they should have given PTP the belts. Primo & Epico should have also been in this match since they’ve been involved with this feud but what are you gonna do. The match itself was fine, some nice moves here and there but there was nothing special and no reactions. This is why AW leaving this team is gonna hurt them in the long run. Hopefully PTP can pick up the belts next month at Night of Champions. Punk/Cena/Show was pretty fun surprisingly; you would expect Big Show to hold the match down, which he did, but they still worked him into the match in a good way. They had a few really cool spots in here; everybody had their moments and whatnot. I didn’t like the match being restarted only to go another minute or so. Don’t know what they’ll do with Punk from here but we’ll see. Lesnar/HHH was a bit disappointing but still good. They had another fight match which is all Lesnar seems to have but it was definitely physical. Lesnar was really selling his stomach during the match and had me thinking he was beat but HHH still put him over. Triple H teased retirement towards the end which I really want to see what happens with that. It would be dumb to have a rematch between these two at WrestleMania but who knows.


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