How I Run This…


Live PPV/iPPV – These will contain Results, Ratings and Overall Thoughts on WWE.

Shows (DVD) – These will just contain ratings, spoiler free.

Documentaries – These will included ratings, a summary of the Documentary and Overall Thoughts. Also the Match of Each Disc will be Highlighted.

*Everything will include an Overall Score*


N/A – Storyline Progression/Squash Match

DUD – Horrible Match

* – Bad Match

** – Decent/Okay Match

*** – Good Match

**** – Great Match

***** – Perfect Match

Overall Scores

1.0 – Horrible Show with Bad Production Values

2.0 – Horrible Show with Good Production Values

3.0 – Very Bad Show with at least 1 Good Match

4.0 – Bad Show with at least 2 Good Matches

5.0 – Very Mediocre Show

6.0 – Okay Show

7.0 – Good Show

8.0 – Great Show

9.0 – Amazing Show

10.0 – Perfect Show


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