ROH Border Wars iPPV Review

– Eddie Edwards def. Rhino ** ½

– ANX & TJP def. The Young Bucks & Mike Mondo ***

– Jay Lethal def. Tommaso Ciampa *** ¼

– Lance Storm def. Mike Bennett *** ¼

– Michael Elgin def. Adam Cole *** ¼

– Roderick Strong © def. Fit Finlay (ROH Television Championship) ***

– WGTT def. The Briscoes © (ROH Tag Team Championship/Fight Without Honor) ***

– Kevin Steen def. Davey Richards © (ROH World Championship) ****

Overall: 8.0


TNA Sacrifice 2012 PPV Review

– Christopher Daniels & Kaz def. Samoa Joe & Magnus © (TNA Tag Team Championship) ***

– Gail Kim © def. Brooke Tessmacher (TNA Knockouts Championship) * ½

– Devon © def. Robbie E & Robbie T (TNA TV Championship) **

– Mr. Anderson def. Jeff Hardy ** ¾

– Crimson def. Eric Young * ¾

– Austin Aries def. Bully Ray *** ¼

– Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles *** ½

– Bobby Roode © def. RVD (TNA World Heavyweight Championship/Ladder Match) *** ¼

Overall: 6.5

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 PPV Review

Santino © def. The Miz (US Championship) ** (Not Counted)

– Randy Orton def. Kane (Falls Count Anywhere) *** ¼

– Brodus Clay def. Dolph Ziggler * ¾

– Cody Rhodes def. Big Show © (IC Championship/Tables Match) ** ¼

– Sheamus © def. Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Championship/2 out of 3 Falls Match) **** ½

– Ryback def. Jobbers (Handicap Match) N/A

– CM Punk © def. Chris Jericho (WWE Championship/Chicago Street Fight) **** ¼

– Layla def. Nikki Bella © (Diva’s Championship) ¾ *

– John Cena def. Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules Match) ****

Overall: 8.5

Overall Thoughts – WWE has returned to Chicago once again and of course with Chicago you get a great crowd. The show kicked off with Orton/Kane which was really fun. They really used the Falls Count Anywhere gimmick to the fullest battling all over the arena. I think it was a great type of match for the feud these two have been in and definitely helped it. It went a bit long but it was good stuff. As everybody expected, we got an impromptu match which was Brodus Clay/Dolph Ziggler. This was Brodus’ first real singles match since his return and it wasn’t really anything special. Rhodes/Show was decided to be a Tables match on the Pre-Show and it turned out pretty decent. There was a sick spot where Rhodes ran up a Table standing on the turnbuckle to hit the Disaster Kick. I think the finish was a brilliant way to get the belt back on Rhodes and how Big Show beat the shit out of him after. DBry/Sheamus was Match of the Night without a doubt. Daniel Bryan gave Sheamus the best match of his career and I WWE realized what they missed out on WrestleMania. Everything in this was really well executed, wrestling, storytelling, you name it. I hope this gives WWE a reason not to take DBry out of the main event scene, hats off to both guys. This match is a must see, great stuff. Another impromptu match here with Ryback and two jobbers. The crowd pretty much sums up this match with “Goldberg” chants. Punk/Jericho was definitely a shoe in for the MOTN, another fantastic match. The storytelling was really well done especially with his sister in the crowd. They both dressed up in street fight clothes which was really cool. They used everything and anything, the wood to the announce table was even broken in half which is probably a first. Punk hit the sick “Shane McMahon” elbow through the announce table. The false finishes were good but Punk was able to pick up the win, great match. Nikki/Layla was nothing special, just a typical Diva’s match. Layla made her return after a knee injury so Nikki at least worked on the knee. Everybody in the crowd wanted Kharma but I guess WWE is gonna push her return back a bit longer. Brock Lesnar versus John Cena wow. I guess you can say it was fight of the night but wow, it was great. The finish was definitely questionable and it makes Lesnar look bad, especially since Cena said he’s taking a break. This match was one of the most brutal matches I have seen. Lesnar absolutely destroyed Cena only for him to come back and win. I don’t know about the result but the match was great.

TNA Lockdown 2012 PPV Review

– Team Garrett def. Team Bischoff (Lethal Lockdown) ** ¾

– Samoa Joe & Magnus © def. MCMG (TNA Tag Team Championship) ** ¾

– Devon © def. Robbie E (TNA TV Championship) * ¼

– Gail Kim © def. Velvet Sky (TNA Knockouts Championship) ¾ *

– Crimson def. Matt Morgan * ½

– Jeff Hardy def. Kurt Angle *** ¾

– Eric Young & ODB © def. Sarita & Rosita (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship) ¾ *

– Bobby Roode © def. James Storm (TNA World Heavyweight Championship) ****

Overall: 5.0

(Nashville is the definition of a horrible crowd)

ROH Showdown in the Sun Day 2 iPPV Review

– Jimmy Jacobs def. El Generico ** ½

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Cedric Alexander ** ¼

– TJ Perkins def. Fire Ant ***

– Kyle O’Reilly def. Adam Cole ** ¼

– The Young Bucks def. All Night Express (Street Fight) ***

– The Briscoes © def. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (ROH Tag Team Championship) *** ¼

– Kevin Steen def. Eddie Edwards *** ¼

– Roderick Strong def. Jay Lethal © (ROH TV Championship) *** ½

– Davey Richards © def. Michael Elgin (ROH World Championship) **** ¾

Overall: 8.25

WWE WrestleMania XXVIII PPV Review

– Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan © (World Heavyweight Championship) N/A

– Kane def. Randy Orton ** ¾

– Big Show def. Cody Rhodes © (Intercontinental Championship) ** ¼

– Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounus def. Beth Phoenix & Eve * ½

– The Undertaker def. Triple H (Hell in a Cell/Special Referee: Shawn Michaels) *****

– Team Johnny def. Team Teddy ** ½

– CM Punk © def. Chris Jericho (WWE Championship) ****

– The Rock def. John Cena **** ¼

Overall: 8.5

Overall Thoughts – The show everybody has been waiting for, Once in a Lifetime, is finally here. This was definitely a great WrestleMania despite the weak undercard. The night kicked off just like last year, with the World Heavyweight Championship bout which a lot of people were looking forward to. For some reason they made this match a squash match, which disappointed tons of fans. I really didn’t understand this and it definitely took some momentum out of the flow. Kane/Orton was next and although it was slow paced it was still enjoyable. I was very surprised that Kane won the match and really dug the finish. It wasn’t the best match but I still liked it. Show/Rhodes was decent, but better than expected since I was expecting a squash. The match worked even though they were pretty limited on what they could do. They actually had a few nice spots towards the end of the match. It’s nice to see Big Show finally have his WrestleMania moment and win the Intercontinental Title. The Diva’s Tag was nothing special; they were clearly going easy on Maria because of her injury. Kelly hit a sick spot mid match but other than that it was your typical Diva’s match. Undertaker/HHH was MOTN; they did it again and delivered. The storytelling was yet again untouchable, really great stuff. The Cage was not used very much but still enough. They used weapons brutally and there was really never a dull point. Shawn Michaels was a great contributor to this match with his facial expressions; he really sold you on it. If this is in fact Triple H’s last match then that was a great way to go out while Taker’s streak increases to 20-0. The 6 Man Tag was just all over the place and didn’t really pick up until the end. There were a few nice spots and everybody got some time but it felt flat, nobody was really into, nothing special here. Punk/Jericho was a great match, they both worked really well with each other. They had a good amount of time and used it well. I think it could have been a bit better but it was still great not to discredit it. The Rock vs John Cena, the match everybody has been waiting for has finally arrived, One year in the making, and it delivered. This match was fantastic; it honestly felt like the Rock hasn’t lost a step in the ring. The booking was perfect as well. Obviously, Rock didn’t have the stamina but he did the best he could. Everybody in that stadium was into this match, fantastic stuff. I’m really glad we got to see this match.

ROH Showdown in the Sun Day 1 iPPV Review

– The Briscoes def. TMDK (Proving Ground Match) *** ¼

– Adam Cole def. Adam Pearce **

– All Night Express def. The Young Bucks (Tornado Tag) ***

– Jay Lethal © def. Kyle O’Reilly (ROH TV Championship) ***

– Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team def. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander ** ¾

– Mike Bennett def. Lance Storm *** ½

– Kevin Steen def. El Generico (Last Man Standing) ****

– Davey Richards © def. Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards (ROH World Championship) *** ¾

Overall: 8.0